Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh Happy Day! Scott went to a one-year follow-up with his back surgeon today. The surgeon is very happy with Scott's recovery this past year. The doctor has released Scott's lifting restrictions! Yay!

Hopefully this will open some doors for Scott's job searching. About a month ago he had an interview for a position that was a 'sure thing' but when they found out Scott's lifting restrictions (no more than 30 lbs), they denied him the job. :( Maybe they're still looking....

Busy Birthday Boy

Tomorrow is Dillon's 16th birthday!
Normally he'd be smiling & teasing that tomorrow is his 'special day' but tonight he came home completely upset and stressed out.
He is an 'emcee' for Friday & Saturday night's 'Spring Show'. This is a REALLY big deal for Stony Point's Dance department. The Spring Show is a 2-hour production & the 'emcees' are an important highlight for the show... Dillon has 23 pages of script and lots of choreography to memorize! He has practice each night this week until the show and today he was at the Performing Arts Center from 8am - 8pm.
Poor kid.
He also complained about the homework and essays he has due at school.
And early mornings of choir practice for the Choir Concert next week where he has 2 solo parts.

Maybe going to work everyday & paying bills isn't so bad.

Happy Birthday Dillon!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Family Reunion of sorts

Scott spent his spring break in Iowa, specifically to meet his 'new' half-brother, Jerry. This is Scott (bottom right) with his siblings (clockwise starting with Scott); Teresa, Eddie, Jerry (half-bro), Ellen & Howard. There is another half-sister named Anita that lives in Colorado that isn't pictured here.

This crazy reunion story transpired in January when Scott's dad received a phone call that revealed the location of his biological son & daughter from a previous marriage! The family became estranged 50 years ago. Dick's ex-wife, daughter & son couldn't be found, despite efforts by Dick all the way through mid-1990's.
Within weeks of discovering each other Dick went to Colorado for a reunion his daughter. Dick's son, Jerry, lives in north Texas and made a trip to Iowa - so Scott went also. What a reunion they had!
Jerry fit right in with the Cole clan & they all enjoyed the week with each other. Neat!

She Swings She Sways @ SXSW

This is my cousin, John Gordon. He's in a band called 'She Swings She Sways' out of Ottumwa, Iowa. This year they were invited to play in Austin at the SXSW Music Festival (1800 bands from around the world descend on Austin for 4 days to play showcase their music).
John was able to get us on the 'Guest List' at Soho's Lounge on 6th St.! By 'us' I mean all of the family who were over 21; me & Scott, Stephanie, Kurt & Jeannetta. The rest of the gang had to hang out on 6th street & be entertained by the ecclectic people who attend SXSW.
John's album is called 'Wasted Love Songs'.

'She Swings She Sways' was wonderful! We really enjoyed the music & the mix of songs John wrote & sang. Click on this link to catch a snipet of their music.

Here's a bit of live video I took of them while we watched @ SXSW.

This one I really like because it's John singing by himself.

during John's visit...

Here all all the kids (yes, I've grouped John as a 'kid') in front of Soho's Lounge. We're waiting for the band that plays before 'She Swings She Sways' to be finished. These are several attempts to get the whole gang to pose.

The funniest part of these pictures: Hannah in the bottom left. I don't think she's entirely happy about being in here. And notice Andrew who desperately wants to hide, and succeeds, almost.

This next picture is VERY cute of Margaux. It's not bad of John either. Too bad that Bouncer in the background wasn't looking, then it'd be the perfect cute picture.

When we got home from downtown Austin we decided to treat everyone to our favorite restaurant... Rudy's. Josh looks thrilled.
Dillon wanted me to be sure to post this picture of Benji. Look carefully at his outfit; the multi-colored ski hat, the mismatched shirt & shorts, the red socks and the blue/breen plaid slippers. He fits right into the phrase "Keep Austin Weird". :) Love ya, Benji.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Finally! It has been so dry here that this burn ban has been in effect since early last summer. We have PLENTY of fireworks that we picked up in Missouri that are aching to be lit. heehee
The following is a public notice that we got today:

March 27, 2009 (Williamson County, TX) – Effective immediately, Friday, March 27, 2009, County Judge Dan A. Gattis has lifted the burn ban for all of Williamson County until further notice.

Friday, March 13, 2009

So on my way home from bible study last night I pass by WalMart & see the gas is only $1.67, so I stopped & filled up.
When I got home Jared informed me that his car was so low on gas that he hitched a ride home with someone else after school & left his car sitting at school. We picked up the car & met at the gas station. We filled up his car. (It was $1.79 - but but he was about to run out, ya know...)

Today I get a notice from Bank of America that a temporary hold was placed on my checkcard because of suspicious activity using my account.

They thought someone was using my card & randomly going around filling up on gas.
Nice. I like that. That's customer service.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our formal dining room has been converted into an X-Box room. The dining room is next to the computer room so X-Box Live can be hooked up to the TV here. Did you know you can play against people ALL over the world? Cool!
Thank you Uncle Howie for letting us use the TV.

pretty sunset

Doesn't this sunset look like a fire behind the trees?
We have a thicket of trees behind our house that faces west so sometimes
we catch a beautiful sunset like this.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

another good quote from work

Our county has a worksheet for a groom & bride to fill out when they're applying for their marriage license. The top of the sheet says 'MAN' with pertinent questions & the bottom says 'WOMAN' with the same questions.

A woman & her fiancee came in today & she picks up a sheet to fill out.
All of the sudden she starts flipping through the blank sheets and gets about 10-12 sheets deep.
She huffs and says:

"All these sheets say 'MAN' on them, don't you have any sheets where a WOMAN can marry a man?"

She wasn't blonde either. Maybe she thought she was in California.

Quote of the day

Madison & I were having a discussion about eating disorders. While talking about anorexia she says:
"Yeah, anorexia & I don't really get along."

getting ready for Spring Break

We're counting down days til Spring Break (10 days to be exact).... not that any of us have any FANTABULOUS plans.... but it's Spring Break, nonetheless...
  • Scott will be in Iowa tomorrow through the 16th

  • Dillon is returning to Ruidoso, New Mexico for a week of snowboarding with his friend (see last year's post) John and their family

  • My cousin John & his band (She Swings, She Sways) will be playing at SXSW in Austin so they've agreed to spend a night with us

  • Jared is planning to make 'big bucks' by working full-time that week

  • And Madison.... well sleeping until noon each day is on her agenda...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This completely describes me on Fridays & Mondays. Maybe you can relate??

Monday, March 2, 2009

Today is my one-year anniversary working for Williamson County.
Yep, I'm still there.