Thursday, January 15, 2009


FINALLY! A break through! At 2:00am Scott woke up with an incredible tooth ache.
This was on a tooth that broke several weeks ago. Not broke, like broke into pieces, but broke that it will need attention soon.
Like NOW. Scott went to the dentist right away this morning & they did an x-ray on the tooth.
There's an ABCESS the size of a quarter near his upper jaw & ear.
Now why didn't the CT scan show that??!!
The dentist says "Have you been having any dizziness or headaches?"
Ummm... YES!
So they put a medicated temporary crown on his tooth,
put him on strong antibiodics,
and he'll be back in a few weeks for a root canal & crown.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

scott's health update

I haven't posted regularly for a few weeks because we've had some health issues going on at our house.... mostly stuffy heads & sore throats but Scott has been suffering some more severe issues...
It started 2 Saturdays ago when Scott felt like he was having a kidney stone attack. A trip to the ER determined it's not stones (whew!) but a kidney spasm. A follow-up trip to the family doctor and a full blood work-up determined his triglycerides are a bit high... but no answer to the spasms. Additional pain complaints & Scott's
family history of heart problems lead the doctor to order a stress-test with a cardiologist. But before the stress-test was performed Scott started having incredible migraines. Like weird migraines that caused him to 'blank out'.
We visited the ER again & a CT scan of his brain revealed no abnormalities... hmmm.... No answer to the spasms & no answer to the migraines.
A couple of days of migraines sent Scott to the chiropractor where he did get a little relief,
but the headache is still with him.
The appointment with the cardiologist resulted in an order for a heart catheterization.
This is where dye is injected through an artery in the groin & the arteries are monitored for any blockages. This would explain some of Scott's symptoms, like the headaches & spasms.
Today was the catheterization.
Results are normal, arteries are in good shape.
So why does he still have the headache?
What about the spasms?
Hmmm.... any suggestions?
Please pray for his health, especially since we're facing a week vacation
with family in Iowa. What a bummer to be sick during that time. :(
Not to mention being in the car for 17 hours straight.

Monday, January 12, 2009

dumb quote for the day

It's only 8:39am on Monday & I have a dumb quote already...

A lady called to ask where the county clerk's office is:

ME: "We are located at 405 Martin Luther King Blvd"
LADY: "Is that all one word?"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

KIDS! Where are the mittens?

I think we better start locating mittens, gloves, boots, scarves, coats.... Did I bring this stuff with us when we moved...?? Ummm.... I'll get back to ya.....

Hi 19 FLo 5 F
Updated: 4:25 AM 1/8/09
High pressure will provide us with the return of sunshine but unfortunately that does not mean warmer temperatures. Highs today will be similar to yesterday but the wind will be lighter. Tonight a storm system gets closer and brings snow with it. There is a slight chance of little sleet/freezing rain to get mixed in but a majority if this will be snow. The snow will taper off Friday night with accumulations of 1-5".

Updated: 01/07/2009 10:58:56 PM 24 Hour Forecast
Morning: 40° Mostly Clear
Detail: Cool early, but a big warmup, with temperatures warming to the upper 60s by noon.
Afternoon: 76° Mostly Sunny
Detail: Mostly sunny and unseasonably warm.
Evening: 58° Mostly Clear
Detail: Mostly clear and mild. Temperatures will stay in the 50s overnight.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Each workday (for the past 2 weeks) I have stepped over a blackened, dirty penny in the gutter. Today I picked it up.
I have been praying for God's will to be obvious in our lives. Especially now when the Houston deal sounds like it may fall out of our reach.... again.
When I saw the penny today I was reminded of a sermon called "Do you REALLY trust God?" The saying on the penny says: "In God We Trust". If I ignore the penny... am I ignoring that statement? About trust? Do I really trust God? *sigh*
I'm keeping the penny in my view today so I can be reminded to TRUST GOD.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

nice day in Austin

This past Saturday we had record high temps (83 degrees) in Austin.
We couldn't pass up the chance to be outside!
Scott & I with the boys went on a walk through downtown Austin. This picture of Jared texting on his cell phone seems to be the way ALL my kids
look nowadays. Texting. All the time. No matter where.

We had lunch in a cute little Irish pub on 6th street.

Notice the cell phone in Dillon's hand. What did I tell you about the texting?

These are the downtown holiday decorations in Austin.
Aren't they neat?
Austin is known as the "Live Music Capital of the World" ya know.

restoring a family tradition

We had a 'family movie night' on Saturday & went to see Eagle Eye at the movie theater (Round Rock has a $1 movie theater). The movie was TOTALLY awesome, so if you haven't seen it yet you haven't missed your chance. It's out on DVD now too!

I haven't been to a movie since the glory days of when our family went to the 99-cent movie theater in Grundy Center. That's been at least 18 months ago! We used to go quite often since our whole family could get in for under $5 in Grundy, so now that I've found this theater, I think we'll get back to a family tradition. KIDS! Call your friends! We're goin' to the movies!!

false alarm

Scott went to the Emergency Room late on Saturday night because he thought he was passing a kidney stone.

False Alarm! Was just a kidney spasm.

Don't get me wrong, kidney spasms are VERY uncomfortable, I'm just glad it wasn't the real deal. Been there. Done that. Hopefully never doing that again.