Monday, November 29, 2010


Facebook is to Blogspot what WalMart is to the Mom-n-Pop shops.

Insanely bored

The last few days have been incredibly insanely boring at the Pink Penguin.  I expected it to be slow since it's the Thanksgiving holiday & not to many people want to eat dishes of Frozen Yogurt after eating plates full of turkey & dressing.  Anyways, I have resorted to 'surfing' the Blogspot World.  That means hitting the 'next blog' button on the top of my blog's home page.  I have read some of the most interesting blogs and feel like I have intimately gotten to know some folks who have walked through cancer treatments, or death of a loved one.  Some of them are seriously funny.  And some of them are full of amazing photos (for some reason lots of photographers have blogs). 
Reading these blogs has inspired me to simply post what I'm thinking. 
I currently feel like I shouldn't post if there isn't a picture to go with it.  That would be my brother's fault.  He told me once that he doesn't read my blog but only looks at the pictures... therefore, if I want people to be interested in what I have to say then I need to have pictures too.  *sigh*  I admit... pictures are cool.  I'll try to keep up with that. 
But for now, I'll try to post what I'm thinking or something cool I want to share. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where has the time gone...??

So I'm feeling a little guility (alright, maybe alot guilty) about NOT updating this blog!  Geesh!  Where does all my time go??

Here's some highlights of the past couple of months (yes, I think it's been THAT long since I gave ya'll an accurate update):

Madison: She has advanced to the next stage of auditions to make it to 'state' for choir!  This is a HUGE accomplishment - she has 2 more rounds of auditions where the 'pool' of students will get tighter & tighter.  The next round is on Nov. 16.  Wish her luck! 
We're also working on getting her a driver's license.  She drives us (crazy) almost anytime we have to go anywhere.  Now we have to work on the paperwork end of it.  She narrowly missed the cut-off when Texas requires a formally taught driver's ed class... we're doing 'parent-taught' (am I crazy?). 

Dillon: He is eagerly anticipating graduation and the opportunity to pave a path to independence.  Because he has so many friends who graduated last year & he can't help seeing the 'greener grass' on the other side of the fence.  I'm excited for him but nervous at the same time (what mom wouldn't be??).  He has SAT scores going to Texas A&M, Colorado State University, Iowa State University, Blinn College, and Austin Community College.  He desires an Engineering degree while playing rugby.  Our difficulty is trying to find a college that has both!  Not to mention something affordable.  Ugh.

Jared: We rarely see Jared since he's on-the-go constantly!  He works almost full-time at the Toy Store where he's been employed for almost 3 years.  He's a great employee & a great-big kid so it's the perfect match for him. haha.  Plus he volunteers on the Fire Department which has him commited to a 24-hour shift a few times per month.  He's still applying for Fire Fighter positions all over Texas.  The application process requires a written application, physical fitness test, personal interview, and a chief's interview... it can take several months to actually land a job!  This process has been very trying on his patience (and ours!). 

Scott: We spend alot of time at the Pink Penguin Frozen Yogurt shop, probably more than Scott should since his back doesn't tolerate the hard concrete floors.  He loves to visit with customers (gee, imagine that?) and getting to know the Hutto Community.   A few times a month Scott performs Wedding ceremonies which has proved to be very rewarding and again... a great way to meet & visit new people.
Scott's diabetes is still a challenge for him and doesn't seem to be obeying the laws of medicine like the doctors thought. Weird how out-of-whack his body can get simply from eating a plate of chinese food (one of his 'no-no' foods).  He has qualified for bariatric surgery as an attempt to 'cure' his diabetes (look at this article recently published) so after 90 days of counseling & therapy we're looking forward to the next chapter of Scott's health... I pray it's a GOOD chapter, we've had enough of the bad stuff. 

Shelly:  Like I said earlier, we spend ALOT of time at the Pink Penguin... I'm thinking that will slow-down now that winter is coming.  Although we've added a few Hot items to the menu & started some winter marketing.... so maybe I'm stuck at work! I really, really enjoy arranging weddings for 'Short and Sweet Weddings' and find it amazingly rewarding.  I was elected President of the Choir Booster Club so I've already had several events to help coordinate & organize (my spiritual gift! love it!).  Now if I could just clone myself to get some laundry done & vacuum the house once in a while... my poor pets are lucky if they get fed and I forgot what color the carpet is in Dillon's bedroom (under all the clothes on the floor).
I'm blessed and excited to say that my parents will be moving to Round Rock for the winter!  It will be so awesome to have my family close-by for Christmas... now if I could convince Damon & Jill to make a holiday trip???  :)

I'm going to try to get some pics posted in the next few days & rid myself of this burden of guilt!  Look for the Pictures!! 
ps... Happy Birthday William! Love ya!