Saturday, October 2, 2010

Homecoming Dinner

Dillon's heading out the door to go to Homecoming Dinner with his friends.
I guess we've got more pics coming tonight, but here's the
traditional front-door picture with mom & dad. :)

Midnight Riot

Okay, just because I haven't been posting lately doesn't mean we haven't been doing anything!  Scott & I celebrated our 22nd Anniversary by going downtown Austin to watch a band some of our friends have called 'Midnight Riot'. We went to the club called "Red Eyed "Fly".  Check them out...

This was Madison's first time on 6th Street - she really wanted to see the real
Coyote Ugly - so here we are!

More UT Lonhorn Honor Choir pics

Abby, Adam & Madison on the UT campus.
Look at this HUGE organ! 
It takes up the whole top of the concert hall!
Aw! Don't these 3 look so nice?
Madison is in the last row of the stage. 
She said the first time the organist played the organ it blasted out of the pipe behind her & scared her!
Can you imagine having that right above your head & trying to sing?
Here is a beautiful song the choir did called "Gloria".
Look for Madison in the back row!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Madison at UT for Honor Choir

Madison was selected to sing with the UT Honor Choir a couple of weeks ago!
This is a huge honor since they get to sing with college students who go to UT.
Here is Madison with Abby & Adam. 
They trained all evening Friday & all day Saturday to give a
wonderful concert on Saturday evening.

We think it's pretty cool to have also experienced when Dillon went to Longhorn Honor Choir in 2008.  Check it out here from when I posted TWO YEARS ago!!