Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Look out Evil Halloween-ers,
Super Madison is here to save the day!!

Volunteer fireman Jared

Jared volunteers with the Hutto Fire Department (which is the community 5 miles to the east of us). Here he is in his department uniform.

For those cold days (yeah, right, cold in Texas?)

I went to a benefit dinner at the station house a few weeks ago. Hutto's high school mascot is the Hippo.
Around the town are various cement hippos painted or
decorated to reflect the business it represents.
Here is the dalmation Hippo in front of the Fire Station.
Isn't that cute?
I couldn't get Jared to pose with it.

Cole kids got Spirit!

During the Homecoming Football game a few Fridays ago the kids were on the field to sing the National Anthem for the choir. A friend of mine snapped these photos of Dillon & Madison before they sang. Madison is in the back row with the painted face.
I'm wondering how come all the other kids are not decked out as much as Dillon & Madison? I guess we got Spirit and they don't... :)


For my job I assist people register their business name with the County.
Today a woman registered her business and it had something to do with "Diaper Cakes".


She tried to explain it to me, but all I could think of was edible cakes that look like diapers? Then when she told me she puts bottles & rattles in the cake I was really confused.

Ohhhhh.... this is what she's talking about. Cute. Gotcha.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Muddy Rugby

I picked up Dillon from Rugby practice today & here's what he looked like. We had a full day of rain & rugby practice MUST GO ON!
Dillon's shoes are completely full of mud.
His legs & hair were caked with mud.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Madison's Homecoming...

Madison has decided to be very 'Stony Point Spirited' for this year's homecoming. I think she did a good job! Here she is at school on Friday with some good friends...

Didn't your mom tell you that your face will stay that way if you keep making that expression?
Madison & her boyfriend, Zach.

Tonight is the homecoming dance & Madison's friend, Elizabeth came over to
wait for the boys to pick them up.

Aww... She's so GROWN up!

Zach & Gabe came to get the girls in a STRETCH LIMO!
It was too dark to get a picture - but what a surprise!

Aren't they a cute couple?? :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Good Job Jared!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Amazing recovery

We went to church with this family in Iowa. Their son is featured in this video. He suffered a brain injury from a car accident in July 2008. He was not expected to live... or walk... or talk coherently. Look at him now!

This family has been through the most amazing God-filled walk since Isaiah's accident. They have been gracious enough to share their lives, ups & downs, through their blog.
I LOVE Blogging. And I LOVE stories like Isaiah's.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

As you're reading my Blog look along the very top of the page - see that link that says 'Next Blog'? You should click it & see where it takes you.

I've been surfing the 'Next Blog' button for about 20 minutes & I've been all over the world!!

How cool to see what other blogs look like & what people blog about.

I saw a blog from an elementary school class in Vermont. And an artist from New Hampshire. Then a page that looks like it was written in Duetche (is that a word?) Wouldn't it be crazy to start leaving random comments on these blogs? Maybe I could be a pen-pal to someone?


Let the FUN, I mean FLU, begin...

Dillon came home last night saying he didn't feel well. Headache, tight chest, sore throat, achey.... Nothing a little Nyquil can't fix, right? He went to school this morning.
Now he's got a fever of 102 with the same symptoms as last night and now a cough.
We've confined him to his room with a can of lysol.

Here is the website we checked to be sure it's not the Swine Flu. So far we think it's just the regular flu. Ugh.

Scott & I got flu shots but I'm not sure that will save us.
Look! I have a co-worker who blogs too! Her name is Maria & she has the CUTEST 4-yr old boy! You can link to her blog from my list over there to the left. :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

At the races

Our good friend, Cody, turned 18 a couple of Saturdays ago. For his b-day his dad let him drive his race car for a few laps in the final race of the season. Here is the group that went to cheer Cody on. Cody is in the middle with the black lanyard around his neck. Dillon & Chelsey are on the far right. They had a great time & Cody didn't hit anything or anyone! Yay!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some Classic Commercials...

Enjoy the short flashbacks!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

wish I had my camera

Yesterday we were driving somewhere & saw the most amazing things... and wouldn't you know it... I DID NOT have my camera. So use your imagination & these helpful images (that I borrowed from Google):

We saw a bunch of geese flying south in V-formation. Not just a few geese. There were HUNDREDS of geese! They were all grouped together in about 15-20 V-shapes. All flying south.
We watched them for a long time & speculated why they were all flying together? Group discount? And then we wondered if geese poop while flying, like other smaller birds. Do you know? Geese have those small dog-size poops - Can you imagine one of those hitting your windshield? Ew.

The temperature was a little cooler yesterday... Like 71. Remember that temps have been in the 80's & low 90's most days.
Anyways we drove past a man walking with his son who looked to be about 5-yrs-old. The boy was wearing shorts and a full-out heavy winter coat. Zipped up with the hood & everything. Scott & I busted out laughing. Until I shared that I had my seat-heater on too. Yes, I'm a wuss.

Week in review...

All the committees in our neighborhood HOA (home-owners-association) had a meeting at the pool. Since we live so close to the pool (and because Scott didn't go to the meeting) I volunteered Scott to be on the Pool Committee. :)

Scott & I went to the gym because Scott's back has been giving him grief since our trip to Kansas. We should go more often - but geesh! Who has time when we have 3 busy kids?!

We took Dillon & Madison to a church youth group in Hutto. It's at a church called LifePointe. We've had a great reunion with several families that we knew 10 years ago! I think the kids enjoyed the Youth Group... now we need to get them (and Scott) to join the worship team...

I had a urologist appointment in the morning. Yes! Slept in an extra hour!
This is the signage in the parking lot at the medical clinic.

I did my best to stay in the paved areas. Yipes!

We went to the Stony Point home football game against Leander. Beautiful night & another win for Stony Point. The un-defeated team is now ranked! Awesome! Click here to see what I'm talking about.

We bought a Football Program at the game to see who's who... and look what was on the back cover. See anyone you recognize? Look on the far right in bright yellow pants. I posted this 'Blue Crew' on an earlier post - but now EVERYONE has to see this?! OMG.


We watched the Iowa Hawkeyes be victorious over Arkansas State. I watched 'The Matrix' for the first time. Good movie... Ahhh... now I get it. Jared had a 'ride-out' with an ambulance crew in Austin all day. I think he got some good experience since the ACL Festival (Austin City Limits) is going on in Austin. I bet EMT's rarely have boring days... We also looked at Halloween costumes for a party we've been invited to... do you know how many disturbing costumes there ARE?!


We went to LifePointe Chuch this morning & got home just before it started raining cats & dogs for a couple of hours. I bet we got close to 3" of rain. Yay! We could use it! Then we grilled beef fajitas & shared with our neighbors, Nick & Jessica. A little bit ago I had a good conversation with my mom & now I'm ready to get to bed before another long week begins. G'Night & talk to ya later!