Sunday, October 4, 2009

wish I had my camera

Yesterday we were driving somewhere & saw the most amazing things... and wouldn't you know it... I DID NOT have my camera. So use your imagination & these helpful images (that I borrowed from Google):

We saw a bunch of geese flying south in V-formation. Not just a few geese. There were HUNDREDS of geese! They were all grouped together in about 15-20 V-shapes. All flying south.
We watched them for a long time & speculated why they were all flying together? Group discount? And then we wondered if geese poop while flying, like other smaller birds. Do you know? Geese have those small dog-size poops - Can you imagine one of those hitting your windshield? Ew.

The temperature was a little cooler yesterday... Like 71. Remember that temps have been in the 80's & low 90's most days.
Anyways we drove past a man walking with his son who looked to be about 5-yrs-old. The boy was wearing shorts and a full-out heavy winter coat. Zipped up with the hood & everything. Scott & I busted out laughing. Until I shared that I had my seat-heater on too. Yes, I'm a wuss.

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