Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jared's Graduation Open House

Here is how people attending Jared's open house could tell they were at the right house!

We had planned to serve the food outside under this canopy but when the temperature was 95 at noon - we decided to move the party inside.

These displays greeted people as they came into the house. My cousin & Madison did a great job of organizing this really cool display board.
You gotta love the progression of baby into High School Senior. Isn't this a 'must' at all graduation open houses?
We served the most awesome fajitas & fixings!
This cake was made in the shape & dimensions of a Rugby Field!
How cool is that?!

Jared was very blessed to have a really nice turn-out with so many friends and family. We certainly had a FULL house for his Open House.

Jared & his Grandmas.

We had family come from Iowa....
and friends from Texas...

Lots of visiting!

Luckily the living room could hold everyone!

This is a special family who prepared & gifted the catering to us
in honor of Jared.
The food was fabulous & the day was truly great!

And not complete without the attention of a special photographer... Grandpa!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

overreaction... NOT

Madison & I were driving through a local shopping area this afternoon. As I was turning to the left through the parking lot I glanced right and spied a store I hadn't seen before.... not just any store... a CINNABON!!
I gasped REALLY, REALLY loud and filled my lungs up with air as I declared, "Look at THAT!"

Madison physically jumped when I gasped and she ducked down in her seat.

When I told her I saw a CINNABON store she got mad at me and said I overreacted. Since we were in a parking lot and I reacted like I did... her split-second-thought-process told her I had witnessed a horrific accident & she envisioned a car explosion complete with bloody buddies was occuring in the next parking lot over.

Whoops. Sorry Madison. But seriously... have you ever tasted a Cinnabon cimmamon roll?!? Clearly NOT an overreaction.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Totally a Texas Thing

Williamson County Cowboy Church.
The Associate Pastor's name is Howdy.
Not kidding.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

This is not a good sign... Summer hasn't even officially started!!We went to Rudy's last night at 8:00pm... thought we'd wait for it to cool off a bit. It was still 90 degrees. Even I, the queen of heat-loving-weather, thought it was a bit warm to be sitting outside. Now that's sayin' something.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scott has caught the Home Improvement Bug.
I came home today to insulated panels added to the inside of the garage door.
A 5-gallon drum of water-seal stain for the backyard fence.
4 ceiling fans.
Window-tint film for the windows on the front of the house.
Kids... Dad has something for you to do....

Congrats Margaux!

My cousin Margaux graduated on May 29th, here is a family picture of her with her family (my Aunt Jeannetta, cousins Tim & Margaux, and Uncle Kurt). There were 134 (?) in the graduating class of Wimberley. It was a very nice ceremony, I especially liked that each graduate had their picture on the big screen as they walked the stage. Nice!
The next night we all went to Spaghetti Warehouse in Austin to celebrate Margaux's graduation.
These are all first cousins! 2 from Ottumwa, Iowa, 1 from Las Vegas, and 3 from Texas. Congrats to Margaux!

Margaux, Dillon & Madison in Austin.

quote of the day... from work

Actually it's a baby's name.... "Dusty Lane".

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Run Away Life

Sometimes I don't post for a long time because I feel like there's just nothing going on to share. However, when I go for several weeks without posting, I realize that I didn't tell you about... Something silly Scott said, or something cool Jared did. Or a good picture of Madison or a 'quote of the day' from Dillon.
Sorry about that.
We really do have stuff going on. All the time. Especially now that the Summer of 2009 has started.
Stay tuned for more frequent updates and now that I've found the camera (thought it was lost) I've got some pictures & good memories of Jared's graduation to show you. See you soon!