Monday, September 20, 2010

Random pics last month

Macey is sitting patiently waiting for us to drop something for her.  We got rain one day.  LOTS of rain.  Leftovers from a tropical storm or hurricane... here is what our neighbors house looked like. Wow!  Look at the rain coming off the side!
Yeah. I took this picture because last time we ate at this restaurant we asked the waitress to seat us somehwere else because the kid next to us was crying at the TOP of his lungs.  Loudly.

You know those small gumball machines you see in some waiting rooms? 
DON'T waste your money.  Here's what I got for a quarter.  5 measley m&m's.
Here are some pretty skyscapes we've had lately.
One night we were driving somewhere & I HAD to take this picture to show you how pretty this sunset was.
Scott thought I was taking a picture of him.  heehee
Look at these funky clouds!  Doesn't it look like there's a mailslot to heaven!

One morning I had to drive to Dallas to pick up some yogurt products for the Pink Penguin.
Here is the sunrise on my trip.  I had to be there by 8am. Ugh.
Sorry it's kinda fuzzy, I was driving too.

Madison took this picture in our backyard. She was trying to
photograph a bird on the fence, but this one is cool with the sunlight.
My incentive to dust.
This was all it took for me to get the dusting spray out. 
How embarrassing.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Meet the Tiger - 2010

Friday night was "Meet-the-Tiger" at Stony Point.  Here is the booth that the Choir Booster Club had!  We sold Foam Paws, Icees, wristbands, license plate brackets, antenna toppers, T-shirts, stickers, tattoos, and yard signs.  We did pretty good! 

Kaylee, Kelsey & Madison were great helpers!
We all pitched in & had a good time!

Here is the Booster Club President & the Choir President for 2010-11.
Shelly & Abby.

The band played at the Pep Rally & the Tiger gave a rousing dance on the field.
Each club & organization had their turn to be recognized.
Here come the choir.

Here come the Rugby Team!


Before the Stony Point football games, the "Blue Crew" gathers around Dillon's truck to tailgate. Notice the drums! They really get into it.  Sometimes they grill hotdogs if there's time & someone remembers to bring the charcoal. :)  This is Dillon standing in the truck.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Local Celebrity at my house?!!

From our seats in the stands we could see Dillon being interviewed by a news channel.  Check out the link here to the story News Channel 8 has, where Dillon was interviewed.  Watch it all the way though... he's got some good quotes. 
Silly Boy!
These kids have really got Team Spirit!  Here is the traditional half-time rally
that the band does for the Student Section; aka Blue Crew.
You can't see Dillon from this point of view, but he's on the
ground leading the band... or so he thinks. :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dillon's rugby summer - 2010

Here is a cool newspaper article that involved Dillon's rugby game in Colorado this past summer. I was going through old emails & forgot that I had this!  For any of you who helped him financially get to Colorado, THANKS!! 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quote of the Day

Customer: "Do you have any toothpicks?"
Me: "Sir, this is a yogurt shop, we rarely have the need for toothpicks. Sorry, I don't have one."
Customer: "Hmpf" and he walked away.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Love Dare

Scott & I are reading a book that requires Partcipation!
It's called the Love Dare. 
It's a book that you read with your spouse & each day (for 40 days)
there is a challenge for you & your spouse to do.
The whole idea is to re-ignite the idea of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in your marriage.
We're only on day 6 but the dares are activities like
"Call your spouse & ask them how they are doing & take time to listen".
One of the dares was to buy something for your spouse while you were out-and-about that day.
I picked up a book for Scott since he's been reading quite a bit lately.
Scott brought home my FAVORITE perfume!  I haven't had any of it for over a year, so this
was a real treat for me! 
Thanks Honey! ((hug))

Real life Tetris

On Saturday Madison & I cleaned out the pantry.
I left in a hurry to go to a wedding & left Madison in charge of putting everything back in the pantry.
I guess I should have given better instructions because this is what
it looked like when I returned.
She grouped all the cans on one shelf, boxes on another shelf & odd-shaped things on another.
It was like a real-life game of Tetris.
Cereal was right next to Hamburger Helper because they were BOXES.
It's not very condusive for making meals, so I rearranged it.

Creative Juices

Each Wednesday morning we have 4 new flavors of yogurt at the Pink Penguin.
Here is what the machines look like & the blackboards above them to show you what flavor is in each machine.
Here is where I start to get creative...
Although last week I went a little overboard...

The Pink Lemonade Sorbet is the same font as our logo, Pink Penguin.
But the 'Genuine Tart' I decided to use... um... a beer logo...
A couple of people actually commented that it tasted like beer.  Right.
I probably won't do that logo again. haha

Yellow Cake Batter is one of our most popular flavors.
I adopted the Keebler treehouse to illustrate the Cookies-n-Cream flavor.

Normally we put words on the boards like this week's flavor boards.
(Okay... so the Cheesecake font came from Cheesecake Factory)

In addition to the blackboards describing the flavors in the machines, we have
whiteboards to give customers SUGGESTIONS or RECIPES that they can make
with the flavors we have for the week.
Cheesecake and Red Velvet Cake are 2 flavors we have this week.

These boards I made for the Chocolate and Vanilla flavors which we
have every week. 
You wouldn't believe how many Mud Pies I have sold to kids.
The Monkey Tails is a summer-snack my mom used to make when I was little.
Except we put a banana on a stick, dipped it in chocolate & rolled it in peanuts.
This is my 'yogurt' version of that. 
Thanks Mom! :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day 2010

My Labor Day holiday was skewed a few days earlier than tomorrow's actual holiday. I had scheduled myself to have normal days off last week, Thursday & Friday, from the Pink Penguin.  Then we had 2 weddings to perform yesterday so I took that day off too.  Yay!  That was our 3-day weekend.  Today I went back to work from 4pm - close so I'm slowly getting back into the groove.

I'm really hoping that tomorrow will be busy at the Pink Penguin.  I have to work 10:30am-10pm so it will be a long day already and even longer if it's slow.  I guess I could always close the store! I guess I am the manager/owner.  Ha. 

Hope you enjoy YOUR day off! 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

You are now listening to the Stony Point Choir Booster President for the 2010-2011 school-year! 
Considering there were only 3 people in attendace at the elections, I had very little competition!
Three years ago I was simply a Booster Club member,
2 years ago I was Treasurer when the Choir Director was transitioning OUT of the program
and we had no Booster President,
Last year I was Treasurer again when a new Choir Director was transitioning INTO the program,
and we had a temporary Booster President,
So this is my fourth year in the Choir Boosters... and I think I've got a pretty good idea of
what the President's role is.  No problem. :)
Congratulations to MADISON
She was voted amongst her peers to be the Choir's Vice-President.
She will be in charge of 'Social Events'. 
Oh Boy.