Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Creative Juices

Each Wednesday morning we have 4 new flavors of yogurt at the Pink Penguin.
Here is what the machines look like & the blackboards above them to show you what flavor is in each machine.
Here is where I start to get creative...
Although last week I went a little overboard...

The Pink Lemonade Sorbet is the same font as our logo, Pink Penguin.
But the 'Genuine Tart' I decided to use... um... a beer logo...
A couple of people actually commented that it tasted like beer.  Right.
I probably won't do that logo again. haha

Yellow Cake Batter is one of our most popular flavors.
I adopted the Keebler treehouse to illustrate the Cookies-n-Cream flavor.

Normally we put words on the boards like this week's flavor boards.
(Okay... so the Cheesecake font came from Cheesecake Factory)

In addition to the blackboards describing the flavors in the machines, we have
whiteboards to give customers SUGGESTIONS or RECIPES that they can make
with the flavors we have for the week.
Cheesecake and Red Velvet Cake are 2 flavors we have this week.

These boards I made for the Chocolate and Vanilla flavors which we
have every week. 
You wouldn't believe how many Mud Pies I have sold to kids.
The Monkey Tails is a summer-snack my mom used to make when I was little.
Except we put a banana on a stick, dipped it in chocolate & rolled it in peanuts.
This is my 'yogurt' version of that. 
Thanks Mom! :)

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