Thursday, April 30, 2009

We've had some rain, finally!

This is the sight outside the front door when I went to work Tuesday morning. Dillon has a group of friends who own pickup trucks. And after a good rain they do this thing called "LET'S GO MUDDIN". There's a caravan of trucks that go mud-running through the trails and open fields around town.
It reminds me of a cross between the 'Jeep Adventure Tour' we took in Cozumel, Mexico and the show "My Redneck Wedding" on CMT.
Oh well, as long as no one gets hurt. And I'm NOT buying him another pair of shoes.
When my kids were little.... (geesh, how long ago THAT was!) Anyways, I subscribed to this magazine because it had so many cool things in it for us to do & it was a relatively cheap.

We liked the magazine so much that one day when Madison was in the 3rd or 4th grade I realized I had pre-paid the subscription all the way until the year Jared would be graduating from high school! HAHA That day is soooooo far in the future..... Until now. Oh My Gosh. This magazine really is going to stop coming to me. Reality Check. Jared really is going to be graduating next month. Can this really be happening to me?!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Look what a straightener can do for Madison!

last rugby game

This picture is a big fuzzy since I took it from so far away, but here are the boys after the last Rugby Game of the season this year.

Madison & Jared...

I've been going through old pictures and found this one from 2003 so I compared it to one from last year. Aren't they a cute sister & brother?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

John's getting married!

Well, the spring tour of "She Swings, She Sways" must've been very influential! He's decided to get married! Click here for news of the happy couple, John & Jenna. Congrats!! They will be married at the end of May...

Homesickness Bug

I caught the homesickness bug when I saw these pictures of my mom & dad on my sister-in-law's blog. I MISS YOU MOM & DAD!! Can't wait to see you next month!!

Of course I was feeling a little sad & lost because I haven't seen my mom & dad for a long time, but then I kept scrolling through the pictures and this one cheered me up & made me laugh!

Thanks for the laugh Will!
A special thanks to Jill for being so diligent with the pictures of her family and my parents.

hill country bluebonnets

Hill Country (southwest of Austin) got more rain than we did this spring, so they got LOTS of bluebonnets. Isn't this pretty?!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

2009 Blue bonnet picture

Madison & I have decided to take an annual blue bonnet portrait. This is our 2nd annual picture. See this post for last year's photo. Whoops - I closed my eyes.

Whoops - the wind caught Madison's hair.

Easter Dinner in Wimberley

We had a wonderful lunch in Wimberley today for Easter! Here is Madison, Scott, Margaux and Dillon with Jared in front. It was close to 80 degrees and we enjoyed fellowship with family. Love You All!

Funny Story:
Dillon & Margaux were jumping on a trampoline in Jeannetta's backyard. The trampoline probably hasn't been jumped on in months... probably since the kids jumped on it last summer.

Anyways, Dillon takes off one of his tennis shoes and lobs it towards the patio, throwing it similar to horseshoes. BUT.... it got hung-up in a tree limb! Dangling by a shoestring!

Dillon threw his other shoe at it to try to knock it down. Uh oh, it got stuck too! Madison came runing in the house laughing so hard she almost peed her pants, but then the 2nd shoe came tumbing down. Leaving the 1st shoe up there.

Scott took the 2nd shoe and chucked it at the dangling shoe. No luck. Duke (the dog) now thinks this is a fun game we're playing & picked up the shoe on the ground & took off running towards the open field with it. Oh no! Scott chased him down and got it back, albeit was a little goobery on the top (ewwww!!).

Plan B entailed Scott throwing a really big stick at the shoe. Scott stood under the dangling shoe & speared the stick straight it. You'll never believe it, but the stick got stuck too and is now dangling next to the shoe. All of us are laughing so hard we've drawn a crowd as Kurt & Tim wake up from their after-lunch-naps and come out to see what's so funny.

Finally Jared & Dillon pull the trampoline under the shoe. They bounce higher and higher until Dillon grabs it. How funny! We all had a good laugh and very entertained.

Easter Church

Church this morning on a glorious Easter Sunday included worship with one of our favorite worship artists, Emily!

Hope your Easter was wonderful and you got a chance to worship the Risen God!

enhancing the quarter

Jared worked all day Saturday, the day before Easter. He said there were 4 customers from 4pm - 7pm. Very slow. So what do employees do in a toy store when it's slow??

They decided to enhance the look of 3 quarters. Very nice! Clockwise he changed George Washington into a clown, Elivs, and Frankenstein.
He forgot to bring home the dime where he transformed Eisenhower into Rambo. Cool.

Monday, April 6, 2009

dinner at Steak n Shake

Another picture casualty. The unsuspecting mother. The teenage daughter.

Random pics from the Spring Show

Dillon was an Emcee at the Spring Show (see next post for details) so he had to clean it up to go on stage. Doesn't he look nice?! Here he is with Madison in the lobby before the show.
The Tiger Dancers have a group of guys that are part of the dance team called "Tiger Escorts" or in slang terms "Tiger Dudes". Here is Dillon & his buddy, John, who is also a Tiger Dude.Dillon, John, and Wesley are chilling during intermission. They just danced their own performance - you gotta click on the video clip below to see the dance number they did. Classic. Classic-ly funny.

Dillon as emcee

Dillon spent many weeks preparing to be one of the M.C.'s (procounced 'emcee' - otherwise known as 'master of ceremonies') for SPHS's Spring Show for the Tiger Dancers & all of the Stony Point Dance Classes.
It was a 2-1/2 hour show with 2 acts. Dillon & 2 other emcees were on stage to entertain & stall while stage changes took place. Entertain is an understatement. They did a great job!

Just to give you a taste of what the Tiger Dancers are like on stage look at this quick clip of the Grand Finale:

Isn't that amazing?! This is a talented bunch of girls!

Dillon had to introduce a dance number done to an Elvis Presley song. Guess who he dressed & sang like? Yes.... It's my son, Elvis.

Dillon also helped introduce a jazz number. He's on the right with the hat on & snapping his fingers. He loves this stuff.

This clip has Dillon (in the middle) getting a backrub... from... well, what he thought was going to be a girl. It was pretty funny to watch him squirm as this guy rubbed him down. Look at the guy on the right - he is laughing so hard he can't speak.

Last but not least is the Tiger Dudes doing their dance number for the crowd. Dillon is the one on the far left. Try to tolerate the whole video clip because the end has a funny twist.

Did you see Dillon giving that guy a ride on his back?! How about him swinging at the guy chasing him? This number gave the crowd a huge laugh!!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Here are some interesting names I saw on marriage licenses today:
Sunshine Flower
Cookie Miller

And a birth certificate:
Jewelia Jewel

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

officially over

The business in Houston we were so insistent and persistent that we were going to buy has been sold. To another company. Oh well. I'm sad & relieved at the same time.

Here is some inspiration I got from (a great website!) a lady who was laid off:
When I got laid off I did not go home and celebrate it. But if I’d had any idea how many wonderful opportunities would be coming my way in the moment that door slammed shut on my life, I would have thrown the party of the century! When one door closes, another one opens, bringing opportunities and adventure beyond our wildest imagination. When faced with that locked door, take a deep breath, give a prayer of thanks, and prepare for the miracle that will become your life.

Please pray for the next 'door to open' for Scott & I. We've been in pursuit of that business since June, 2007.... 22 months is a long time.