Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Dinner in Wimberley

We had a wonderful lunch in Wimberley today for Easter! Here is Madison, Scott, Margaux and Dillon with Jared in front. It was close to 80 degrees and we enjoyed fellowship with family. Love You All!

Funny Story:
Dillon & Margaux were jumping on a trampoline in Jeannetta's backyard. The trampoline probably hasn't been jumped on in months... probably since the kids jumped on it last summer.

Anyways, Dillon takes off one of his tennis shoes and lobs it towards the patio, throwing it similar to horseshoes. BUT.... it got hung-up in a tree limb! Dangling by a shoestring!

Dillon threw his other shoe at it to try to knock it down. Uh oh, it got stuck too! Madison came runing in the house laughing so hard she almost peed her pants, but then the 2nd shoe came tumbing down. Leaving the 1st shoe up there.

Scott took the 2nd shoe and chucked it at the dangling shoe. No luck. Duke (the dog) now thinks this is a fun game we're playing & picked up the shoe on the ground & took off running towards the open field with it. Oh no! Scott chased him down and got it back, albeit was a little goobery on the top (ewwww!!).

Plan B entailed Scott throwing a really big stick at the shoe. Scott stood under the dangling shoe & speared the stick straight it. You'll never believe it, but the stick got stuck too and is now dangling next to the shoe. All of us are laughing so hard we've drawn a crowd as Kurt & Tim wake up from their after-lunch-naps and come out to see what's so funny.

Finally Jared & Dillon pull the trampoline under the shoe. They bounce higher and higher until Dillon grabs it. How funny! We all had a good laugh and very entertained.

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