Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to my DAD!!! 
And to Scott's DAD!! 
And to my husband... Scott, thanks for being a great dad to our kids. :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

We had such a glorious day of visitors today!  A distant cousin stopped by today from New Orleans.  We haven't seen him in years... probably 15 years... We had such a good time going reminiscing and sharing life stories.  THEN my cousin who lives in Dallas called to say she was in town too!  We all went to the Pink Penguin for a Frozen Yogurt & got re-acquainted.
It made me think... family never leaves you.... you'll ALWAYS be related to family.  No matter how long it is between visits, you'll still be family.  Nice to know.  Good to know.  Makes me happy.  :) 

Where's Dillon?

Amongst all the excitement with the Pink Penguin & guests from Iowa,
I forgot to tell you about Dillon's success story!!
May 29th & 30th Dillon was trying out for a position on the Texas
High Performance Youth Rugby team.
Here he is playing a scrimmage in Huntsville, TX.
There were over 66 boys who advanced to this selection level. 
Here they are at the Sam Houston University fields for try-outs & practice.

It was over 100 degrees on Saturday that they practiced. 
Fortunately no one passed out from heat exhaustion.  I was close though.... :)
Dillon MADE the cut!! 
He is in Denver right now competing in a
national tournament! 
Dillon was selected as the #1 'Fly-Half' for the 'Under-17 league' in the state of Texas!
There are teams from all over the U.S. at this tournament.
Scouts from the U.S. Eagles are there to recruit potential players for Rugby

Close call with Spaghettios

Scott & I finally went shopping last night after working several nights at the
Pink Penguin.  It was 10:40pm when we finally got to the check-outs at WalMart.
Then CATASTOPHE struck.
Our whole case of Spaghettios has been RECALLED??!!

It took us 30 minutes to get a store manager to come re-start the computer-cash-register
 when we tried to purchase these things. 
We finally left at 11:10pm. 
It was frustrating that the computers & manager took so long,
but when I read the news headlines this morning, I'm glad WalMart stopped us from buying
a whole case of Spaghettios.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Look what we bought!

We have great news to share!
Scott & I have purchased a Frozen Yogurt shop called the Pink Penguin!
We took possession a week ago and have been learning the ropes from the girls who currently work there.
Who knew that selling Frozen Yogurt was so much work?... fun work of course!
Funny Side Note:  I don't like frozen yogurt!   But once I tasted the quality of this yogurt, I was sold!  Literally!  There is no 'yogurt-after-taste' & it's so creamy.  The taste takes me back to Iowa City's Dane's Dairy in the mid-1980's.... ahhh.... good memories!

The Pink Penguin is in a small strip mall in Hutto, the neighboring community to the east of us. 
Here is the map of Round Rock and Hutto.  We live about 9 minutes from the shop. 

This is a Self Serve Frozen Yogurt, so you start with a cup & you fill it as full as you'd like of the SIX flavors of frozen yogurts... it will cost you 41 cents per ounce.
The Chocolate & Vanilla are offered every week.
The other 4 flavors rotate every Wednesday.
We've decided to offer 'Yellow Cake Batter' through the month of June since it's so popular.
This week we also have Peanut Butter, Cookies-n-Cream, and Very Strawberry.
You can see the flavor updates on the Pink Penguin's facebook page!
One you've filled your bowl with frozen yogurt then you can choose from OVER 50 TOPPINGS!
We have 10 syrups, plus fruit & crushed candy bars, cheesecake nuggets, mmmm.... there's so many!
We have a table just for the kiddos.  The wall is a chalkboard too!  They can spend some time hanging out with us.  Because we're so cool.  :) 
Here is a video-tour of the Pink Penguin! 
If you're in Hutto, Please STOP BY! 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Josh's Graduation

It is a busy weekend for Josh!
Josh's graduation ceremony was on Friday night...
I almost missed Josh's name on the video clip, but you can hear our cheering section! 

Here's Josh's personal cheer section!

Saturday night was a Graduation Party for Josh & 2 of his good friends.
Here is Josh's diligent mom, Stephanie, hanging streamers for the party. :)
Josh is in the blue on the far left.
Each boy had their own cake... Josh's was a soccer ball theme... predictably! 
Josh's grandpa (my uncle) on the right came from Iowa to help celebrate!
Jenn & Chad came from Oklahoma & Jennelle came from Dallas (via Vegas) for the celebration.
Be prepared... next year will be these 2 monkeys below who graduate.
Dillon & Benji.
Below: He's thinking... "Just wait til next year!"

Steph looked great! 
She did such a good job with everything...
And I'm talking about raising such a fantastic kid as Josh!
The below picture is priceless b/c Steph & her mom both avoid the camera all the time,
But I got them together on this one!! 
We had a good... HOT (temp was 98 degrees) time.
After the party we all walked up the hill to the community swimming pool.
The party continued at the pool with a DJ. What a welcome splash after 98 degrees!
No pictues at the pool.  Certain people threatened to break my camera if I took pictures.
Probably b/c they knew I'd post them here.  :)

Today Josh is celebrating his Eagle Scout Ceremony,

The pictures below are from our ride home... we stopped to get drinks at McDonalds.
Which is where we discovered Madison accidentally had Chelsie's camera in her bag!
We waited at McDonalds for Josh & Chelsie to come. 
Here they are in the drive-up. I'm sure she's looking at her camera wondering
"How did these last 4 pictures get here??"  heehee 
While waiting for Josh & Chelsie we attempted to make friends with a stray cat in the McDonalds parking lot.
We named him Chester since our friendship offering was a Cheeto.
He didn't take it.
Dang cat, anyway.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our last day together we spent shopping & eating lunch together at Chuys.
Shopping with 2 silly girls turned out to be modeling opportunities!
Here is Madison & Audrie with their
"Knight in Shining Armor"
Yes, there was one just the right size for Audrie.
Don't ask....

Apparently trying on things (hats & bikinis) is a popular pastime....
Here is Jared, Tyler & Sandy trying on hats. 
This one looks very nice on Tyler... lol

This is probably the only way Madison would be allowed to wear a bikini this summer....

We concluded our shopping by going to the Pawn Shop.
We watch Pawn Shop Stars on TLC all the time, so Madison was thrilled to go into a "real" pawn shop!
This is how you know you've spent too much time with someone... when they get into your space... specifically your armpit space.  Audrie?? 

We take the stage!

Ellen & Scott gave an awesome rendition of Captain & Tennille's "Love will keep us together".  That one was for me b/c I love the 70's!!  They shouldn't let me pick the songs... we'd be stuck in the 70's all night!  

Madison & Scott sound just like 'Lady Antebellum' as they sing "I run to you".  Get in line for autographs...

Ellen jumped up on stage to help Scott finish a Tom Jones favorite: "Did you happen to see the most beautiful girl?" :) 

Ellen invited Scott to join her in a tribute to their mom... "Wind beneath my wings".  Very nice & touching!!  Love it!

Cole's take over at the Rattlesnake Inn

We enjoyed a great burger, some pool, then singing & dancing! 
Mostly we just enjoyed hanging out. Fun Times!! 

Madison & Audrie were trying to learn how to two-step...