Sunday, June 6, 2010

Josh's Graduation

It is a busy weekend for Josh!
Josh's graduation ceremony was on Friday night...
I almost missed Josh's name on the video clip, but you can hear our cheering section! 

Here's Josh's personal cheer section!

Saturday night was a Graduation Party for Josh & 2 of his good friends.
Here is Josh's diligent mom, Stephanie, hanging streamers for the party. :)
Josh is in the blue on the far left.
Each boy had their own cake... Josh's was a soccer ball theme... predictably! 
Josh's grandpa (my uncle) on the right came from Iowa to help celebrate!
Jenn & Chad came from Oklahoma & Jennelle came from Dallas (via Vegas) for the celebration.
Be prepared... next year will be these 2 monkeys below who graduate.
Dillon & Benji.
Below: He's thinking... "Just wait til next year!"

Steph looked great! 
She did such a good job with everything...
And I'm talking about raising such a fantastic kid as Josh!
The below picture is priceless b/c Steph & her mom both avoid the camera all the time,
But I got them together on this one!! 
We had a good... HOT (temp was 98 degrees) time.
After the party we all walked up the hill to the community swimming pool.
The party continued at the pool with a DJ. What a welcome splash after 98 degrees!
No pictues at the pool.  Certain people threatened to break my camera if I took pictures.
Probably b/c they knew I'd post them here.  :)

Today Josh is celebrating his Eagle Scout Ceremony,

The pictures below are from our ride home... we stopped to get drinks at McDonalds.
Which is where we discovered Madison accidentally had Chelsie's camera in her bag!
We waited at McDonalds for Josh & Chelsie to come. 
Here they are in the drive-up. I'm sure she's looking at her camera wondering
"How did these last 4 pictures get here??"  heehee 
While waiting for Josh & Chelsie we attempted to make friends with a stray cat in the McDonalds parking lot.
We named him Chester since our friendship offering was a Cheeto.
He didn't take it.
Dang cat, anyway.

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