Thursday, June 10, 2010

Look what we bought!

We have great news to share!
Scott & I have purchased a Frozen Yogurt shop called the Pink Penguin!
We took possession a week ago and have been learning the ropes from the girls who currently work there.
Who knew that selling Frozen Yogurt was so much work?... fun work of course!
Funny Side Note:  I don't like frozen yogurt!   But once I tasted the quality of this yogurt, I was sold!  Literally!  There is no 'yogurt-after-taste' & it's so creamy.  The taste takes me back to Iowa City's Dane's Dairy in the mid-1980's.... ahhh.... good memories!

The Pink Penguin is in a small strip mall in Hutto, the neighboring community to the east of us. 
Here is the map of Round Rock and Hutto.  We live about 9 minutes from the shop. 

This is a Self Serve Frozen Yogurt, so you start with a cup & you fill it as full as you'd like of the SIX flavors of frozen yogurts... it will cost you 41 cents per ounce.
The Chocolate & Vanilla are offered every week.
The other 4 flavors rotate every Wednesday.
We've decided to offer 'Yellow Cake Batter' through the month of June since it's so popular.
This week we also have Peanut Butter, Cookies-n-Cream, and Very Strawberry.
You can see the flavor updates on the Pink Penguin's facebook page!
One you've filled your bowl with frozen yogurt then you can choose from OVER 50 TOPPINGS!
We have 10 syrups, plus fruit & crushed candy bars, cheesecake nuggets, mmmm.... there's so many!
We have a table just for the kiddos.  The wall is a chalkboard too!  They can spend some time hanging out with us.  Because we're so cool.  :) 
Here is a video-tour of the Pink Penguin! 
If you're in Hutto, Please STOP BY! 



Do you have your other jon too or is this your new full time job?

Shelly said...

We are working in the Yogurt Shop almost 40 hours per week. Then we also conduct 'Short and Sweet Weddings'. I left the county in January so we could do the wedding stuff... it's working out pretty good since we can cover for each other. I have to admit that the Yogurt Shop is much more time consuming than I thought!