Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

wish you were here

It's amazingly warm for
this time of year!

Look what I found!

I was on the computer this morning when Macey started scratching really, really hard
on the front window.
I leaned back in my chair to see what she was freaked out about.
Right there in the front bushes of my house was a
cute grey cat. Awww...
So I jumped up & ran outside in my pj's to see if I could get it to
come to me.
I was totally thinking that I could catch this stray cat & keep it for Christmas.
Then I noticed the short tail.
And the white scruffy around its face.
That's a BOBCAT!
(BTW - I didn't take this pic - but I wish I did!)I watched it scamper across the street when another one came from the
area near the back of our house, near the side yard.
They weren't very big - I think they must've been young.
First I called "Here Kitty-Kitty"
but that scared it & it started to run away.
Then it came back to meet up with the first little guy I saw.
I made a 'kissing' noise & it acted like it might come to me!
I panicked & made a quick movement
that sent the two of them running into the woods behind the house.
I almost had a really cool Christmas gift for Madison.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Quincy will go to the vet for surgery on Friday.
He has a cyst growing under his eyelid that is giving him some grief.
He's going to have it removed & we decided to get his
teeth cleaned too since he'll be anesthetized (i spelled that without looking it up!).
I don't know quite what to expect with this teeth cleaning thing.
Seems awfully expensive - please comment if you think it's worth it.

Quiet time

When I got home from work tonight there was no one here. Just the dogs.
And quiet.
I've had a lot on my mind lately & it seems like my mind never rests. Which wears me out.
Jared & Dillon are each at work and Howie & Scott are busy. Madison's at a friend's house.

Here are the books I'm currently reading to help me re-group & re-prioritize. I've had these books for years and remember gleaning some valuable insight from them. They are really helping me... again. I should take advantage of this quiet time & read, but I rarely find time to update here. Hmmm...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

random pics one night

Merry Christmas! 2009

We bought a new Christmas Tree this year.
The old one broke its leg. Literally.
We decided to go 'designer' this year & do the tree in
Red & Gold.
I think it's very pretty!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Something new

Madison & I have new things!
Madison has Strawberry-Blonde hair! And I have new glasses.... Enjoy the next pictures where we model for your viewing pleasure. heehee. lol

Friday, December 11, 2009

last night's concert

A friend sent us these pics from last night's Holiday Choir Concert. We've got some video coming... so stay tuned!! Madison is in the back row.
Love the Farrah hair! Cute!

Dillon & his good friend, Cody.
Cody is a senior & Dillon is junior this year.