Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Look what I found!

I was on the computer this morning when Macey started scratching really, really hard
on the front window.
I leaned back in my chair to see what she was freaked out about.
Right there in the front bushes of my house was a
cute grey cat. Awww...
So I jumped up & ran outside in my pj's to see if I could get it to
come to me.
I was totally thinking that I could catch this stray cat & keep it for Christmas.
Then I noticed the short tail.
And the white scruffy around its face.
That's a BOBCAT!
(BTW - I didn't take this pic - but I wish I did!)I watched it scamper across the street when another one came from the
area near the back of our house, near the side yard.
They weren't very big - I think they must've been young.
First I called "Here Kitty-Kitty"
but that scared it & it started to run away.
Then it came back to meet up with the first little guy I saw.
I made a 'kissing' noise & it acted like it might come to me!
I panicked & made a quick movement
that sent the two of them running into the woods behind the house.
I almost had a really cool Christmas gift for Madison.

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