Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Can you find Dillon??

Dillon is the crowd-proclaimed leader of the 'Senior's only' Student Section called "Blue Crew" this year.  I think he'll do a good job. :)
Yes, he's the one on the shoulders.

Year 2010-2011

Here we are on the start of ANOTHER year of school.
It's hard to believe we're nearing the end. Not the end of the year... but the end of
my kids' school-age career.  Dillon is a senior this year & Madison is a junior.
That means I have this year & next year... then it'll be over.
I don't know if I'm happy or sad about it, actually I'm a little in shock that it's so close.
Dillon really wanted his senior year to be an EASY YEAR.
But Dillon confessed tonight that his classes are actually quite challenging & he's finding this stimulating.
His favorite class is an intro to engineering. He came home tonight & talked non-stop about it.
I'm so glad he's found something to really look forward to & be thinking long-term.
Madison is also excited about her classes.
She is taking THREE choir classes.  I hope she doesn't get burnt-out...
but that girl LOVES to sing! 
She is also taking a college-level american history class and learned that the textbook
is available in video format on the internet.  So basically she's watching
the History Channel (one of our family favorites) and she's
getting credit for it!  I found myself watching over her
shoulder tonight & wondered to myself if I could somehow gain college
credit hours for watching this??  haha
The end is near.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sweet 16

A few days before Madison's 16th birthday we went to have 'Glamour Shots' done.
Here is her 'Glamour Pose', ain't she purrrty? 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kitty Cat Cole

On a Friday night in mid-June we had a stray neighborhood cat visit our porch.
After several attempts to run the cat off (including letting the dogs chase her around the block) I decided Madison could keep her for the weekend until we found her rightful owner.
A Monday morning visit to the vet revealed that she actually belongs to a neighbor
who lives on the block near us.
When Madison tried to return the cat to him, we learned that the man actually couldn't keep the
cat & was "looking for a good home" for the cat. 
Hhhmmm.... By locking it out of his house?? 

Anyways, we kept her and named her "Kitty Cat".
She's a year old, but very petite, therefore she looks like a Kitten and the name "Kitty" is very fitting.

I was worried that Macey would be mean to her but since we let Kitty
keep her front claws for a month, they established a "healthy relationship". haha
Kitty got her claws removed 4 days ago so we're hoping they'll stay respectful to each other!
I didn't realize how much I miss having a cat around the house. 
She's so loveable and LOVES being petted... yes, she's one of those cats
that rub up against you and meows until you pet her.

Boys and their Toys

Here is Scott's newest 'toy'... A 2008 Chevy Silverado. 
He loves the truck!

Upon closer look, you can still see the Iowa Haweye influence.

I think Scott caught 'truck-fever' from Jared... here is Jared's 'toy'...
Jared got his truck as a result of his car crapping-out in June.

Jared drives a 2008 Dodge Ram.
If you remember... Dillon also drives a Dodge Ram.
I guess we've succombed to the Texas-trend of becoming a Truck family!