Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kitty Cat Cole

On a Friday night in mid-June we had a stray neighborhood cat visit our porch.
After several attempts to run the cat off (including letting the dogs chase her around the block) I decided Madison could keep her for the weekend until we found her rightful owner.
A Monday morning visit to the vet revealed that she actually belongs to a neighbor
who lives on the block near us.
When Madison tried to return the cat to him, we learned that the man actually couldn't keep the
cat & was "looking for a good home" for the cat. 
Hhhmmm.... By locking it out of his house?? 

Anyways, we kept her and named her "Kitty Cat".
She's a year old, but very petite, therefore she looks like a Kitten and the name "Kitty" is very fitting.

I was worried that Macey would be mean to her but since we let Kitty
keep her front claws for a month, they established a "healthy relationship". haha
Kitty got her claws removed 4 days ago so we're hoping they'll stay respectful to each other!
I didn't realize how much I miss having a cat around the house. 
She's so loveable and LOVES being petted... yes, she's one of those cats
that rub up against you and meows until you pet her.

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