Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I haven't forgot

Hello! I am so sorry that I haven't posted for so long. Seems like I am putting out fires (not real, of course!) everytime I turn around so I am either too tired or too overwhelmed to post.

Just a quick update on stuff we've been doing (and hopefully I can post pics & details later):

We went to my cousin's house in Copperas Cove because my aunt & uncle from Iowa came to visit. So did my couisn & wife from Oklahoma City, cousin from Las Vegas, and my aunt & uncle & cousin from Wimberley. Between the kids & adults we scored 24 people! Oh MY! Great visit!

Madison's 14th b-day came & went. She made out great on 'tax-free' weekend! She used the money her grandma & grandpa sent her + gift cards from Uncle Damon & Aunt Jill to buy up lots of school clothes & much-needed necessities for high school (like a hair straightener).

Scott is still commuting to & from Houston. We have not had luck with recent investors but another round with new investors will start next week. Keep praying that we are in God's will... sometimes I think we fight the obvious (or ignore it).

We've replaced all the tires on my car & 2 tires on the suburban because of road debri in our neighborhood. Yes, that's a whopping $720 on tires. We've petitioned the builder for reimbursement, but doubtful we'll see any compensation. Dang the bad luck!

Scott just had a tooth pulled. He got an infection in his tooth which proved to be a major deal since he just had back surgery 5 months ago. Who'd have thought a tooth ache would affect a spinal fusion?! But it's serious when you've got bone in your body that's recovering from surgery & trying to heal. Ouch!

The kids started school today & all of them seem very happy with only minor set-backs. Dillon is freaked out because his Advanced Placement World History teacher insists a minimum of 1 hour homework each night. Madison is upset because she signed up for 'dance class' for PE & instead they put her in 'Algebra Learning Lab'. What the heck?! And Jared is stressed because he arranged to take Varisty Chorale 2nd period but the typed schedule says World History. When he went to history class, the choir director paged him to come to her classroom, assuring him she'd 'work it out' for him. So he's worried he's in trouble for skipping history already (even though he wasn't). Ahhh... the joys of high school. :)

Oh, and I got the annual county cost-of-living + merit raise, effective Oct. 1. Cool.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Goodbye breakfast for Howie &Tyler

Tyler & Howie decided to head back to Iowa so that Tyler can finish high school in Iowa City. Tyler anticipates finishing school early, like November-ish. They left last Sunday. We had a good-bye breakfast at our favorite barbeque place... Rudy's.

I have to admit it has been a bit lonely this week without Howie, Tyler & Brandy (the weiner-dog) here. I had to hide Tyler's shoes in my closet so Dillon wouldn't wear them. Now I'm looking for a hiding place for Howie's big screen TV so Scott won't take it with him to Houston.... just kidding, Howie & Tyler. You're stuff is safe until you return. :)

cars, cars, cars

Since Jared has bought his car there seems to alot of maintance going on with the cars. Between Jared's car, the suburban & Howie/Tyler's truck I feel like we have a mini auto repair shop in my driveway!
Actually we are very blessed to have such mechanical men in our family. Can you imagine how much we'd spend on all these minor repairs if we had to pay labor?!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Maxwell is ONE!!

This is the CUTEST one-year old baby around!! My nephew Maxwell is one-year-old today. We don't get to see him much since he lives in Iowa and we live in Texas... We miss him & wish we could be together today for a party! Yay! (thanks emily for the pic!)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

what is this?

It's the forty-something day of temperatures over 99 degrees. While doing the laundry I find this in the dryer. A winter glove. Hmmm.... It can only mean one of the following:

  • Madison has finally decided to clean under her bed
  • Jared has taken up a life of crime & needs to hide his fingerprints
  • Dillon got a job in a meat freezer at the grocery store

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Scott survives Edouard

So... was it a Hurricane? Or a Tropical Storm? The weather guy says it will turn into a Tropical Depression by tomorrow.
It has a funny name. I thought it was called "Edward" because that's what it sounds like when the weather people say it, but it's spelled "Edouard". Okay.

Scott said it rained all day. Rained & Rained.
Some parts of town got up to 6 inches of rain.
We got sprinkles over here in Round Rock.

Scott went home early. All the trucks came back to the shops because the storm drains were full of water. Wish I could go home early some days. But not because of rain. That would be a good reason to stay at work, actually. No one wants to be home on rainy days, might as well be at work.

newest addition to the Cole family

Jared has officially joined the ranks of car ownership.... Here is the 1996 Crown Victoria he bought last Sunday night.
Yes, you're right it does look like an old cop car. Because it once was.
Jared, Dillon & Tyler thought the trunk was so huge you could fit 3 bodies in it. So they tried it out.

Ahhh.... I'm anticipating Jared will have many good times with this boat, I mean car.
Stay tuned for updates on the car....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

15 days to Madison's Birthday!!!

Brandy & Macey

Sometimes they're best friends & others times... well, they're not. Most times they play & play & run & run through the house. Very cute. Here's a snipet of how Brandy tries to get Macey to play with her.

Scott & Houston

Scott has new living quarters in Houston. He's renting a room on Lake Houston! Here is the view from the house he's living at. He says it's very peaceful.
Probably because there's no cable TV or internet. HA! Yes, that would make for a very quiet evening. This location is a 45 minute commute to his work. Not sure it will work out long term, but it's a place for him to stay and the landlady seems nice & sincere. Scott's been lucky to find good, inexpensive places to stay.
Scott has also arranged his schedule so that he finishes work for the week on Friday mornings & he leaves our house on Monday mornings. This means we get him at home another night & an extra 4-5 hours! YAY!

Meet baby Hayden!

Some good friends of ours had a baby last May & named him Hayden. We like to think it's because of our Iowa influence on them that they decided to name the baby after the infamous Hawkeye coach, Hayden Fry. Of course they deny it, but when he chews on the little Hawkeye pacifier we got him it seems so natural! :)

Visitors from Iowa!

I'm so happy that my friend Pam decided to stop & see us last weekend! Pam & her mom picked up her 2 kids in Fort Worth & were on their way to San Antonio for a mini-vacation.
Since we live about 2 miles from IH-35 (yes, the same IH-35 that goes from Iowa to Texas) she called & we came right over to meet them for lunch. Here we are at Rudy's BBQ.

Pam & her mom experienced the "jacuzzi-for-your-hands-wash-station". Isn't this fun?! You just can't go through Austin without this Rudy's experience.
Now you can see from the bliss on their faces that Austin truly is a fun place to visit (it would be funner if they could have stayed longer, but maybe next time!).
So if you're thinking of a fun place to go visit.... we're a short (and I mean short) distance from the interstate.... Come on, ya'all!!