Sunday, August 3, 2008

Visitors from Iowa!

I'm so happy that my friend Pam decided to stop & see us last weekend! Pam & her mom picked up her 2 kids in Fort Worth & were on their way to San Antonio for a mini-vacation.
Since we live about 2 miles from IH-35 (yes, the same IH-35 that goes from Iowa to Texas) she called & we came right over to meet them for lunch. Here we are at Rudy's BBQ.

Pam & her mom experienced the "jacuzzi-for-your-hands-wash-station". Isn't this fun?! You just can't go through Austin without this Rudy's experience.
Now you can see from the bliss on their faces that Austin truly is a fun place to visit (it would be funner if they could have stayed longer, but maybe next time!).
So if you're thinking of a fun place to go visit.... we're a short (and I mean short) distance from the interstate.... Come on, ya'all!!

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