Sunday, July 27, 2008

conclusion to another weekend

Here I am on Sunday night again. The weekends go so fast.

I think it's because all week we look forward to Scott being home & the 48 hours are just not enough. Especially when he has to cut his time with us short by a few hours.

Scott went to Houston early tonight because he found a rental room & tonight is his first night there. It's more affordable than the last room, but it's another 20 minutes away from his work. Luckily this is a month-to-month lease & he's not obligated to stay if it doesn't work out. I hope he feels comfortable there & that he's safe.

Dillon is staying home this week instead of working in Houston with Scott.
Dillon attended a leadership retreat Friday night & all day yesterday. I'm talking ALL DAY. They went on a 'ropes course' where they had to climb trees & walk along ropes and stuff like that; both individually & using teamwork. Then they went swimming & had a barbeque all afternoon and concluded the day by going to the Round Rock Express baseball game. Needless to say... he's quite sore today.

Madison & a friend went to see the movie
Space Chimps yesterday. She said it was a good movie, but definitely a KIDS movie. Then both of them went to another friend's house for an over-nighter birthday party. Ummm.... sounds like it got a little out-of-control.... like the adults in charge of the party ended of drunk as skunks. I wish Madison would have called me to come get her but she said it was quite entertaining to all the girls. Gee.... I'm not sure I should ask.... ummmm.... (Mental note: No overnighters at that girl's house EVER. )

Jared finally had a day off from work. He's been working full time this past month at
Kaleidoscope Toys. (that's a word you don't spell everyday.... ) We've been encouraging (more like demanding) that he needs to save his money for his own car. This week we will give back the car we've been borrowing fromthe neighbor (thanks jessica!) for the past month; which puts a cramp on Jared's work schedule since I work in Georgetown. I guess we'll see what happens there....

I had the interview with the County on Thursday. Not real confident about it. I interviewed with a panel of 4 women; the executive secretary for the dept., the CFO, the CFO's assistant, and a parole officer. They were conducting interviews for 2 days with a STACK of applicants, so I'm one of many.... They're supposed to make a selection this week for the position. I already know in this type of environment it's more "who you know, not what you know" so I'm not getting my hopes up too high (even though I would really like to work in Round Rock!).

Howie & Tyler have been getting familiar with Round Rock & spent much of the week contacting rentals & looking up jobs in the area. Tyler's transcripts are on their way to Stony Point so he can attend high school next month. I hope they aren't getting too frustrated at the heat here... it's been over 100 degrees almost everyday. Yuck!

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