Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blue Bonnet pics from Dad

While my dad was here last month the blue bonnets were in season. We had a small field of them near our house so dad took these beautiful pics.

Amazing provision

Here's a cool story:
I got paid on Friday. We've budgeted every penny to be spent on bills & expenses. No extras. No room for surprises.

But... the brakes on the suburban are squealing really bad. So Scott took the truck to a mechanic for inspection & prices. Yep. They're bad. "DON'T drive it" says the guy. It'll cost $800 for brakes & tune-up.
Now what?

We decide to forego paying some bills & spend $100 on brake pads & spark plugs, etc. Scott decides Jared, Dillon & him will fix these things themselves. Yeah, I know, I remember Scott is recovering from SPINAL surgery - but he insists he can do it because we can't afford anything else.

On Friday night a family (whom we don't know) from our church brought us a meal. (This has been going on for the past 3 weeks - part of a ministry our church does to help families recovering from surgery, etc.) Anyways... the girl brought in a pan of lasagne & salad with a card in the bottom of the bag with a check FOR $100!!!!!!
Isn't that amazing?!

Then to top it off, the guy who lives next door found out the boys would be working on the truck so he offered to come over & help (ended up spending ALL day). Hallelujah! He was a HUGE help and then he took us out for supper to a restaurant his family owns in Lago Vista. Yay! (Cost us $8.00 for the tip!)

Yes, God provides. The truck runs great. The brakes don't squeal. And we're still on budget (for the most part...). :)

madison's solo violin competition

Madison had a solo & an ensemble competition last Sunday. Here she is after it's all over, thus the smile on her face. She got a '2' rating... '1' was the best. She's happy with that & so are we!


You know what's great? Having next door neighbors who are hair stylists! We traded a lawn mowing for haircuts! Awesome deal!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dillon's Branson Trip

Dillon went to Branson, Missouri with the Stony Point Choir. He was gone from April 10th thru the 13th. I will post more on it later since his camera has all the pictures on it (including the incriminating ones - so I'm sure some editing needs to happen before I get my hands on it).

Here's an exciting tid-bit from his trip....
They sang at the Music City Center Theater where his group opened for GEORGE STRAIT! He came out & sang with the kids for a bit (probably the "God Bless Texas" song) and then he went solo after their act. Cool, huh?! The kids didn't know that's who they were opening for.

Check back later for some pics on his trip.
p.s... Thanks G'pa Larry for helping Dillon make this trip happen.

Little bit lonely

It's been 9 days since we had company in the house.

Feels a little loney. *sniff*sniff*

Linda was here for 4 weeks in March, Scott's family came for a week at the end of March, and my Dad came for 2 weeks (& my Mom came for 5 days too!) until April 11.

I miss the morning coffee being ready. {grin}

Scott is trying to keep himself busy during the day since he's home alone now. He takes me to work a few times a week so he can have a vehicle to drive if he needs to run an errand or get to an appointment.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

One of the bizarre things about Scott's diabetes diagnosis is that his eyesight has been recently restored!

I mean, like, he doesn't need glasses anymore.

A diabetic friend of mine said that happened to her once. She didn't need glasses for almost 5 years! The doctor didn't act like Scott's situation was too weird. Hmpf.

Here is Scott doing an Elvis impersonation wearing Jared's sunglasses.

Looks just like Elvis, don't ya think? Hey! Who's that fan in the background?!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stony Point men's choir

These are short clips from last Thursday's outdoor concert at Stony Point. Dillon is in the back row, 3rd from the left. Sorry I couldn't zoom in more. These guys can really sing!

"Nice Car" ?!?

This birthday card went to Dillon from our good friends, the Clarks.
I thought I was hysterically funny.
"Nice Car!"

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

scott's progress

Hey everyone!
Sorry for the delay in updating the blog.... I know working full-time shouldn't be an excuse... but geesh! I got alot going on!

Scott has been doing FANTASTIC!
Scott's appointment with the endocrinologist revealed that he has probably been fighting diabetes for years, his pancreas has simply been compensating over the high blood sugar. For now Scott is taking insulin shots 4 times a day. We're hoping that in 3 weeks he can go to an oral medicine - his blood sugar levels have been good with the shots.

Last Friday Scott got the staples removed from his back & belly. The surgeon was very impressed that he's been walking around so much (with the assistance of the walker). He gave Scott incentive to keep walking and he gave him permission to drive short distances.

I'm really proud of Scott's recovery! He's trying really hard to watch his serving sizes and keep away from sugar-y and starch-y foods. I think he said he's lost about 27 pounds since being diagnosed with diabetes. YAY!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

testing testing 123

This is a test, I repeat. This IS a test.