Sunday, April 20, 2008

Little bit lonely

It's been 9 days since we had company in the house.

Feels a little loney. *sniff*sniff*

Linda was here for 4 weeks in March, Scott's family came for a week at the end of March, and my Dad came for 2 weeks (& my Mom came for 5 days too!) until April 11.

I miss the morning coffee being ready. {grin}

Scott is trying to keep himself busy during the day since he's home alone now. He takes me to work a few times a week so he can have a vehicle to drive if he needs to run an errand or get to an appointment.

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Anonymous said...

Then it sounds like time for us to invite y'all over for dinner. Only wouldn't you know it, David is about to head out of the country for another business trip. When he gets back in May we will definitely have to schedule something. We miss you!