Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dillon's Branson Trip

Dillon went to Branson, Missouri with the Stony Point Choir. He was gone from April 10th thru the 13th. I will post more on it later since his camera has all the pictures on it (including the incriminating ones - so I'm sure some editing needs to happen before I get my hands on it).

Here's an exciting tid-bit from his trip....
They sang at the Music City Center Theater where his group opened for GEORGE STRAIT! He came out & sang with the kids for a bit (probably the "God Bless Texas" song) and then he went solo after their act. Cool, huh?! The kids didn't know that's who they were opening for.

Check back later for some pics on his trip.
p.s... Thanks G'pa Larry for helping Dillon make this trip happen.

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