Sunday, April 27, 2008

Amazing provision

Here's a cool story:
I got paid on Friday. We've budgeted every penny to be spent on bills & expenses. No extras. No room for surprises.

But... the brakes on the suburban are squealing really bad. So Scott took the truck to a mechanic for inspection & prices. Yep. They're bad. "DON'T drive it" says the guy. It'll cost $800 for brakes & tune-up.
Now what?

We decide to forego paying some bills & spend $100 on brake pads & spark plugs, etc. Scott decides Jared, Dillon & him will fix these things themselves. Yeah, I know, I remember Scott is recovering from SPINAL surgery - but he insists he can do it because we can't afford anything else.

On Friday night a family (whom we don't know) from our church brought us a meal. (This has been going on for the past 3 weeks - part of a ministry our church does to help families recovering from surgery, etc.) Anyways... the girl brought in a pan of lasagne & salad with a card in the bottom of the bag with a check FOR $100!!!!!!
Isn't that amazing?!

Then to top it off, the guy who lives next door found out the boys would be working on the truck so he offered to come over & help (ended up spending ALL day). Hallelujah! He was a HUGE help and then he took us out for supper to a restaurant his family owns in Lago Vista. Yay! (Cost us $8.00 for the tip!)

Yes, God provides. The truck runs great. The brakes don't squeal. And we're still on budget (for the most part...). :)

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