Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Scott survives Edouard

So... was it a Hurricane? Or a Tropical Storm? The weather guy says it will turn into a Tropical Depression by tomorrow.
It has a funny name. I thought it was called "Edward" because that's what it sounds like when the weather people say it, but it's spelled "Edouard". Okay.

Scott said it rained all day. Rained & Rained.
Some parts of town got up to 6 inches of rain.
We got sprinkles over here in Round Rock.

Scott went home early. All the trucks came back to the shops because the storm drains were full of water. Wish I could go home early some days. But not because of rain. That would be a good reason to stay at work, actually. No one wants to be home on rainy days, might as well be at work.

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