Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our last day together we spent shopping & eating lunch together at Chuys.
Shopping with 2 silly girls turned out to be modeling opportunities!
Here is Madison & Audrie with their
"Knight in Shining Armor"
Yes, there was one just the right size for Audrie.
Don't ask....

Apparently trying on things (hats & bikinis) is a popular pastime....
Here is Jared, Tyler & Sandy trying on hats. 
This one looks very nice on Tyler... lol

This is probably the only way Madison would be allowed to wear a bikini this summer....

We concluded our shopping by going to the Pawn Shop.
We watch Pawn Shop Stars on TLC all the time, so Madison was thrilled to go into a "real" pawn shop!
This is how you know you've spent too much time with someone... when they get into your space... specifically your armpit space.  Audrie?? 

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