Friday, June 18, 2010

Where's Dillon?

Amongst all the excitement with the Pink Penguin & guests from Iowa,
I forgot to tell you about Dillon's success story!!
May 29th & 30th Dillon was trying out for a position on the Texas
High Performance Youth Rugby team.
Here he is playing a scrimmage in Huntsville, TX.
There were over 66 boys who advanced to this selection level. 
Here they are at the Sam Houston University fields for try-outs & practice.

It was over 100 degrees on Saturday that they practiced. 
Fortunately no one passed out from heat exhaustion.  I was close though.... :)
Dillon MADE the cut!! 
He is in Denver right now competing in a
national tournament! 
Dillon was selected as the #1 'Fly-Half' for the 'Under-17 league' in the state of Texas!
There are teams from all over the U.S. at this tournament.
Scouts from the U.S. Eagles are there to recruit potential players for Rugby

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