Monday, April 6, 2009

Dillon as emcee

Dillon spent many weeks preparing to be one of the M.C.'s (procounced 'emcee' - otherwise known as 'master of ceremonies') for SPHS's Spring Show for the Tiger Dancers & all of the Stony Point Dance Classes.
It was a 2-1/2 hour show with 2 acts. Dillon & 2 other emcees were on stage to entertain & stall while stage changes took place. Entertain is an understatement. They did a great job!

Just to give you a taste of what the Tiger Dancers are like on stage look at this quick clip of the Grand Finale:

Isn't that amazing?! This is a talented bunch of girls!

Dillon had to introduce a dance number done to an Elvis Presley song. Guess who he dressed & sang like? Yes.... It's my son, Elvis.

Dillon also helped introduce a jazz number. He's on the right with the hat on & snapping his fingers. He loves this stuff.

This clip has Dillon (in the middle) getting a backrub... from... well, what he thought was going to be a girl. It was pretty funny to watch him squirm as this guy rubbed him down. Look at the guy on the right - he is laughing so hard he can't speak.

Last but not least is the Tiger Dudes doing their dance number for the crowd. Dillon is the one on the far left. Try to tolerate the whole video clip because the end has a funny twist.

Did you see Dillon giving that guy a ride on his back?! How about him swinging at the guy chasing him? This number gave the crowd a huge laugh!!

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