Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Love Dare

Scott & I are reading a book that requires Partcipation!
It's called the Love Dare. 
It's a book that you read with your spouse & each day (for 40 days)
there is a challenge for you & your spouse to do.
The whole idea is to re-ignite the idea of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in your marriage.
We're only on day 6 but the dares are activities like
"Call your spouse & ask them how they are doing & take time to listen".
One of the dares was to buy something for your spouse while you were out-and-about that day.
I picked up a book for Scott since he's been reading quite a bit lately.
Scott brought home my FAVORITE perfume!  I haven't had any of it for over a year, so this
was a real treat for me! 
Thanks Honey! ((hug))

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