Saturday, June 20, 2009

overreaction... NOT

Madison & I were driving through a local shopping area this afternoon. As I was turning to the left through the parking lot I glanced right and spied a store I hadn't seen before.... not just any store... a CINNABON!!
I gasped REALLY, REALLY loud and filled my lungs up with air as I declared, "Look at THAT!"

Madison physically jumped when I gasped and she ducked down in her seat.

When I told her I saw a CINNABON store she got mad at me and said I overreacted. Since we were in a parking lot and I reacted like I did... her split-second-thought-process told her I had witnessed a horrific accident & she envisioned a car explosion complete with bloody buddies was occuring in the next parking lot over.

Whoops. Sorry Madison. But seriously... have you ever tasted a Cinnabon cimmamon roll?!? Clearly NOT an overreaction.

1 comment:

Jill said...

i'd do the same thing if say an IKEA popped up in our town. or a cheese cake factory!