Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week in review...

All the committees in our neighborhood HOA (home-owners-association) had a meeting at the pool. Since we live so close to the pool (and because Scott didn't go to the meeting) I volunteered Scott to be on the Pool Committee. :)

Scott & I went to the gym because Scott's back has been giving him grief since our trip to Kansas. We should go more often - but geesh! Who has time when we have 3 busy kids?!

We took Dillon & Madison to a church youth group in Hutto. It's at a church called LifePointe. We've had a great reunion with several families that we knew 10 years ago! I think the kids enjoyed the Youth Group... now we need to get them (and Scott) to join the worship team...

I had a urologist appointment in the morning. Yes! Slept in an extra hour!
This is the signage in the parking lot at the medical clinic.

I did my best to stay in the paved areas. Yipes!

We went to the Stony Point home football game against Leander. Beautiful night & another win for Stony Point. The un-defeated team is now ranked! Awesome! Click here to see what I'm talking about.

We bought a Football Program at the game to see who's who... and look what was on the back cover. See anyone you recognize? Look on the far right in bright yellow pants. I posted this 'Blue Crew' on an earlier post - but now EVERYONE has to see this?! OMG.


We watched the Iowa Hawkeyes be victorious over Arkansas State. I watched 'The Matrix' for the first time. Good movie... Ahhh... now I get it. Jared had a 'ride-out' with an ambulance crew in Austin all day. I think he got some good experience since the ACL Festival (Austin City Limits) is going on in Austin. I bet EMT's rarely have boring days... We also looked at Halloween costumes for a party we've been invited to... do you know how many disturbing costumes there ARE?!


We went to LifePointe Chuch this morning & got home just before it started raining cats & dogs for a couple of hours. I bet we got close to 3" of rain. Yay! We could use it! Then we grilled beef fajitas & shared with our neighbors, Nick & Jessica. A little bit ago I had a good conversation with my mom & now I'm ready to get to bed before another long week begins. G'Night & talk to ya later!

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