Thursday, October 8, 2009

As you're reading my Blog look along the very top of the page - see that link that says 'Next Blog'? You should click it & see where it takes you.

I've been surfing the 'Next Blog' button for about 20 minutes & I've been all over the world!!

How cool to see what other blogs look like & what people blog about.

I saw a blog from an elementary school class in Vermont. And an artist from New Hampshire. Then a page that looks like it was written in Duetche (is that a word?) Wouldn't it be crazy to start leaving random comments on these blogs? Maybe I could be a pen-pal to someone?



jeni k said...

hellooooo! just wanted to say hi!! miss ya much!!!
p.s. my word verification for leaving this comment was pedis!! how funny,,,i had to look twice before i typed it!!

Shelly said...

heeeeeyyyyy! It's my friend JENI!! I miss you too...
Please plan a trip to Texas so we can visit, okay? :)