Thursday, January 15, 2009


FINALLY! A break through! At 2:00am Scott woke up with an incredible tooth ache.
This was on a tooth that broke several weeks ago. Not broke, like broke into pieces, but broke that it will need attention soon.
Like NOW. Scott went to the dentist right away this morning & they did an x-ray on the tooth.
There's an ABCESS the size of a quarter near his upper jaw & ear.
Now why didn't the CT scan show that??!!
The dentist says "Have you been having any dizziness or headaches?"
Ummm... YES!
So they put a medicated temporary crown on his tooth,
put him on strong antibiodics,
and he'll be back in a few weeks for a root canal & crown.


Jill said...

wow! what in the world is going on down there?! does Scott just have a really high tolerance for pain until all of a sudden all heck breaks loose?! Hope he is finally getting some relief soon...

Anonymous said...

So glad you found out what was going on. Hopefully this will solve the problem!


Jill said...

hope you are making it home safe and sound today. rest up.