Wednesday, January 14, 2009

scott's health update

I haven't posted regularly for a few weeks because we've had some health issues going on at our house.... mostly stuffy heads & sore throats but Scott has been suffering some more severe issues...
It started 2 Saturdays ago when Scott felt like he was having a kidney stone attack. A trip to the ER determined it's not stones (whew!) but a kidney spasm. A follow-up trip to the family doctor and a full blood work-up determined his triglycerides are a bit high... but no answer to the spasms. Additional pain complaints & Scott's
family history of heart problems lead the doctor to order a stress-test with a cardiologist. But before the stress-test was performed Scott started having incredible migraines. Like weird migraines that caused him to 'blank out'.
We visited the ER again & a CT scan of his brain revealed no abnormalities... hmmm.... No answer to the spasms & no answer to the migraines.
A couple of days of migraines sent Scott to the chiropractor where he did get a little relief,
but the headache is still with him.
The appointment with the cardiologist resulted in an order for a heart catheterization.
This is where dye is injected through an artery in the groin & the arteries are monitored for any blockages. This would explain some of Scott's symptoms, like the headaches & spasms.
Today was the catheterization.
Results are normal, arteries are in good shape.
So why does he still have the headache?
What about the spasms?
Hmmm.... any suggestions?
Please pray for his health, especially since we're facing a week vacation
with family in Iowa. What a bummer to be sick during that time. :(
Not to mention being in the car for 17 hours straight.

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