Sunday, March 29, 2009

during John's visit...

Here all all the kids (yes, I've grouped John as a 'kid') in front of Soho's Lounge. We're waiting for the band that plays before 'She Swings She Sways' to be finished. These are several attempts to get the whole gang to pose.

The funniest part of these pictures: Hannah in the bottom left. I don't think she's entirely happy about being in here. And notice Andrew who desperately wants to hide, and succeeds, almost.

This next picture is VERY cute of Margaux. It's not bad of John either. Too bad that Bouncer in the background wasn't looking, then it'd be the perfect cute picture.

When we got home from downtown Austin we decided to treat everyone to our favorite restaurant... Rudy's. Josh looks thrilled.
Dillon wanted me to be sure to post this picture of Benji. Look carefully at his outfit; the multi-colored ski hat, the mismatched shirt & shorts, the red socks and the blue/breen plaid slippers. He fits right into the phrase "Keep Austin Weird". :) Love ya, Benji.

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