Sunday, March 29, 2009

She Swings She Sways @ SXSW

This is my cousin, John Gordon. He's in a band called 'She Swings She Sways' out of Ottumwa, Iowa. This year they were invited to play in Austin at the SXSW Music Festival (1800 bands from around the world descend on Austin for 4 days to play showcase their music).
John was able to get us on the 'Guest List' at Soho's Lounge on 6th St.! By 'us' I mean all of the family who were over 21; me & Scott, Stephanie, Kurt & Jeannetta. The rest of the gang had to hang out on 6th street & be entertained by the ecclectic people who attend SXSW.
John's album is called 'Wasted Love Songs'.

'She Swings She Sways' was wonderful! We really enjoyed the music & the mix of songs John wrote & sang. Click on this link to catch a snipet of their music.

Here's a bit of live video I took of them while we watched @ SXSW.

This one I really like because it's John singing by himself.

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