Sunday, March 29, 2009

Family Reunion of sorts

Scott spent his spring break in Iowa, specifically to meet his 'new' half-brother, Jerry. This is Scott (bottom right) with his siblings (clockwise starting with Scott); Teresa, Eddie, Jerry (half-bro), Ellen & Howard. There is another half-sister named Anita that lives in Colorado that isn't pictured here.

This crazy reunion story transpired in January when Scott's dad received a phone call that revealed the location of his biological son & daughter from a previous marriage! The family became estranged 50 years ago. Dick's ex-wife, daughter & son couldn't be found, despite efforts by Dick all the way through mid-1990's.
Within weeks of discovering each other Dick went to Colorado for a reunion his daughter. Dick's son, Jerry, lives in north Texas and made a trip to Iowa - so Scott went also. What a reunion they had!
Jerry fit right in with the Cole clan & they all enjoyed the week with each other. Neat!

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