Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy Birthday Boy

Tomorrow is Dillon's 16th birthday!
Normally he'd be smiling & teasing that tomorrow is his 'special day' but tonight he came home completely upset and stressed out.
He is an 'emcee' for Friday & Saturday night's 'Spring Show'. This is a REALLY big deal for Stony Point's Dance department. The Spring Show is a 2-hour production & the 'emcees' are an important highlight for the show... Dillon has 23 pages of script and lots of choreography to memorize! He has practice each night this week until the show and today he was at the Performing Arts Center from 8am - 8pm.
Poor kid.
He also complained about the homework and essays he has due at school.
And early mornings of choir practice for the Choir Concert next week where he has 2 solo parts.

Maybe going to work everyday & paying bills isn't so bad.

Happy Birthday Dillon!

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