Friday, March 13, 2009

So on my way home from bible study last night I pass by WalMart & see the gas is only $1.67, so I stopped & filled up.
When I got home Jared informed me that his car was so low on gas that he hitched a ride home with someone else after school & left his car sitting at school. We picked up the car & met at the gas station. We filled up his car. (It was $1.79 - but but he was about to run out, ya know...)

Today I get a notice from Bank of America that a temporary hold was placed on my checkcard because of suspicious activity using my account.

They thought someone was using my card & randomly going around filling up on gas.
Nice. I like that. That's customer service.

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Jill said...

isn't it nice to know that someone is paying attention? even if it is a computer....
had a nice night with your hubby tonight.