Monday, August 31, 2009

working out

This is what's on my fridge. It's my goal. I'm thinking it's a long-term goal. Because there's no way I'm going to look like this anytime in the near future. Especially if I hardly go to the gym. I guess there's some truth to the rumor that simply buying a membership will not get you in shape. Madison & I met with the personal trainer last Wed. night. I TOLD him I was out of shape. But he worked me too hard, no teasing either. He actually stopped out training session early because I couldn't finish. I'm a weakling. I almost collapsed during one of the reps that worked out my legs. They felt like this picture.
I suffered for days afterward. I could barely walk & stairs were out of the question. Couldn't do them. At all. But slowly I've regained functionality again.
Now ask me if I've been back to the gym.

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