Sunday, August 23, 2009

Boating with the Cole's

I bet you're thinking by the title of this post that our family went boating. Which is true. But we went with the Cole's. Another family of Cole's. A family that is somewhat, sorta related to ours... in a round-about-non-blood-related way. The man we went boating with (James Cole) has a half-brother that is also Scott's half-brother. (The half-brother has the same dad as Scott and same mom as James...)

So we're trying to get to know this new portion of the Cole family... James' family invited us to go boating with them this weekend since we all live in Round Rock. We had a great time getting to know them & their kids. We can't wait to do more stuff with them! The lake was very, very low of water & not many boats were out since it was 104 degrees. We had fun anyways!

We have eerily-weird similarities... for example we drive the same vehicle... this is James pulling the boat in his truck. Looks like ours, huh? Minus the boat, of course. Here is Ashley swimming with Scott & I in Lake Georgetown.

I was teaching Ashley how to use the camera. I'm a great model, huh? lol

This is Madison Cole. And Madison Cole.
Big Maddie & Little Maddie.
They are very much alike. Notice the resemblance? The open mouth?!

The boat was awesome! It's a yacht-class that kicks butt!
Here we are circling around to pick up Dillon in the water, notice how
tight the turn is? Sometimes I felt like we were on
a ride at the amusement park!

There was a cliff nearby one of the shores so Dillon & Madison climbed the
rock & jumped off. Here is Dillon showing us his moves.

Ashley took the camera for some candid shots.
Here is Scott enjoying the afternoon.

Remember... this is the view from an 8-year-old.
Here we are sitting on the boat.
An eight-year-old's view of her dad getting the raft ready.

And this is what she sees when she's behind me. lol

Ashley tried to get a nice picture of her older sister, Sydney.

This is Captain James Cole.
Getting the raft ready for all of us to ride on.
(See earlier post for pics & video of the raft.)

Morgan was so patient to wait her turn to ride on the raft.
The whole Cole family was so nice to let us ride on their toys first. :)

Isaac is the littlest mate.
He holds the nickname 'boy' since he's got 4 sisters.
How cute to hear "Come here Boy!" and he comes running!

Dillon & Isaac his it off great!

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