Monday, September 7, 2009

Paint Project

The inside of our whole house is one color. Wheat. Or Cream. Or something like that. The walls & ceilings are the same throughout. So we decided we needed a change. See the color swatches Madison & Scott chose on the left side of the fireplace & the 2 I chose on the right side.
Below are all 5 colors we lived with for a week trying to decide what we liked.

Finally on Friday night we decided to get busy & start painting.
We went with 'Cardboard' which is the darkest brown color swatch from above.
Madison did a lovely job trimming & creating ancient art impressions.

This was certainly a team effort to get the whole room taped, trimmed & painted.
But by 11:30 on Friday night we were done!

Here are a few panoramic views of the living room.

We created a dividing line between the living room & dining room.

We really like the way it turned out! Unbelievable how a can of paint can change the look & feel of a room!


Annette said...

oooo I like that a lot. Good choice!

Anonymous said...

Looks Great!