Monday, December 22, 2008

God even provides ham

Scott & I are preparing for a Christmas Dinner at our house for 15 people. 7 of them are hearty young men.... so I'm trying to think of something easy & filling....

As we walk through IKEA the perfect meal hits me.... Swedish Meatballs! They sell them frozen at IKEA and they're awesome. So I bought 3 bags.

Later at home Scott is sorta pouting about not having a 'real' Christmas Dinner. He says "What kind of Christmas meal is MEATBALLS?" I explain that I'll make mashed potatoes & corn casserole but his response is... "I wish we'd have bought a ham (heavy sigh)". Whatever.

At 6pm last night our friends Gary & Mim stopped by to bring us a Christmas present. A HAM!! Can you believe it?!

So we're having Ham & Meatballs. :) Merry Christmas Scott.

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Jill said...

Ham, meatballs, and snicker apple salad, that is. It's not so much about the food, as it about the people you share it with, eh? We're having bbq ribs today. Merry Christmas! Love you all.