Sunday, December 21, 2008

Men in Tights

A couple of weeks ago the kids had their Christmas Choir production. I've been working on getting the video to the whole thing so I can post it for you because it was VERY entertaining.

The picture below is one of thet men's pieces.... MEN IN TIGHTS. As you can see, the boys are all rolling up their suit pantlegs to show off their tights.

They proceeded to do the exact routine from the Robin Hood "Men In Tights" movie. It was a stitch. The circle on the right is Jared & the left is Dillon. Click below to see what the piece looked like from the movie.

The week following the concert the boys performed at the school administration office & went to Dairy Queen for lunch. One of the boys asked the manager if they could get free food if they sang to them. The Manager said he would give them half-priced meals.
So the boys broke out into dance & song doing this routine. How funny! I think the whole group ate for $15.

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Jill said...

ooh, I can't wait for the "real" video!