Sunday, December 21, 2008

Crisis at the Toy Store

Jared just called me from work. Here's how our conversation went.

Jared: "Mom, Did I ever throw up on the ground, like on the carpet, when I was a kid?"
Him & his fellow employees must be sharing gruesome childhood stories... so as I'm thinking back to Jared's childhood & the middle of the night puke sessions... I'm jolted back to reality.

Jared: "Some kid just puked on the carpet here & we're not sure what to do."

Me: "Do you have a shop-vac?"
Scott's answer to all liquid emergencies.

Jared: "No. Would spot remover work?"

Me: "Yes. With lots of hot water & LOTS of paper towels."
I have a feeling Jared will be coming home early today. He totally cannot handle puke, especially someone else's.

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Jill said...

ooh, I hope he washes his hands REALLY, REALLY well.