Friday, December 19, 2008

poor quincy

Dillon & I went to the mall last night to get some shopping done when I got a frantic call from Madison.... "Mom! Quincy has a tick! It's really gross! What should we do?"

My mind went back the times when I was a kid & my grandma lit a match, blew it out & laid the hot match-head to the tick & it let go on its own. I quickly thought of Madison with a lit match going towards a hairy dog and decided not to tell her of this procedure. "I'll take care of it when I get home" is what I told her.

Eww..... this thing has been feasting on Quincy for a while. It was the size of a large raisin. Tucked behind his left ear.

Thank goodness for internet. We looked up what to do & Dillon, Jared & I donned laytex gloves & went to work. Minor surgery was performed on our entryway tile and the parasite has been removed! We used a pair of tweezers & alcohol and had a very good patient. He's got a bit of a scabby-hole where the icky thing was but I think he's going to be okay. :)


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Eww!!! to the tick. Congrats on the impressive award.