Sunday, December 28, 2008

concluding Christmas at the Cole's

*Big Bummer* I didn't take any pictures this Christmas! I'm hoping my cousin will send me some that she got on her camera so that I can share... but here's how the holiday went for us...

Sat 20th: We went caroling with some friends in their neighborhood! What fun we had! Especially when it was 80 degrees that afternoon... although something seems weird caroling in shorts.

Mon 22nd: Dillon went to work with Scott in Houston until Christmas eve.

Tues 23rd: Got approval for vacation time in January! We'll be coming to Iowa for a visit Jan. 16-23!

Wed 24th: I didn't have to work! We went to a traditional candlelight service at the church right next to our neighborhood (VERY old church! est. 1834). We opened gifts from each other & from Iowa... each of us got fun things: Jared got a class ring, Dillon got cologne, Madison got a bedspread, Scott got a Luke skywalker bobble-head, and I got a sonic toothbrush! Thanks g'ma & g'pa and Damon & Jill for the gift cards & the cool digital pic frame.

Christmas DAY! We had a houseful for Christmas Dinner which we served at 4pm. The meatballs were... okay... but the ham was AWESOME! We had 15 people here & succeeded in stuffing ourselves. Relatively no leftovers since I sent it all home with my cousin Tim.
Our guests included my cousin & her 4 kids from Copperas Cove; my cousin from Las Vegas! my cousin from San Marcos; my aunt & cousin from Wimberley; and a family friend who lives here in Round Rock.
The kids decided to go to a movie in the evening & then they stayed up all hours of the night.

Fri 26th: All of us went shopping at the outlet malls and got REALLY good deals! Thanks to gift cards we all got new shoes! (and other things but shoes seemed to be the dominant theme).

Yesterday & Today: We spent the day putting Christmas decorations away & getting ready for life to resume.... We enjoyed a very worship-filled Sunday service with Emily, she's such an inspiration for us!

The REASON for the SEASON is still the baby Jesus. Good for us to remember that. I confess I sometimes get carried away with life's busy-ness and forget the significance of God coming to earth. I'm going to work on improving that in 2009.


Anonymous said...

So glad you get to come to Iowa for a visit. I know it will be packed full of people to see, but let me know if you have some time to see me and will see with my busy schedule if we can get together.


Shelly said...

Hey Jamie! We've started an extensive list of people to see so I don't know if we'll make it that far north... perhaps you should start saving for a trip south?? :)

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