Monday, September 22, 2008

i taught him well

So if any of you have been to a concert with me, or heard about the concerts I attend, you know that I must sit in the first 5-7 rows of the stage, otherwise I feel like there's no sense in going to the concert at all. Some call this the "Shelly Cole Concert Experience".
Anyways, here's a rule to getting up close (pay attention):
If it's general admission seating, get in line at least 3 hours early. Bring lawn chairs & designate someone to bring you food. It's worth it.
So last Friday night while we were all at the "Meet the Tiger" event (see earlier post), Jared & Kelly went to a concert at the infamous La Zona Rosa in downtown Austin. Kelly's parents were able to get tickets to Secondhand Serenade. Wow!
And as Jared learned from his dear ol' mom, he & Kelly got in line 3 hours early. They were not alone.
And here's the payoff.... they got free BACKSTAGE passes for after the show!! (Note the picture of the ticket above & the 'meet and greet' title!) There ended up being 4 bands but the headliner was Secondhand Serenade, which is on the radio nowadays. Cool. I love it. Oh, and yes, they were in the third row. Awesome. Gotta love it.

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