Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friday night football

He'd like you to think he was singing or speaking into the microphone, but this is before the sound was turned on. Goofy kid!

I have apologize that the pictures are a little fuzzy since we were up in the stands, plus my batteries in my camera went dead, so I only got this much of the boys on camera. I'll be sure to have fresh batteries next game... sorry!

This is a practice run of choir singing the National Anthem. Dillon & Jared are in the front, center. Don't worry, the hat & bandana came off for the real thing. They did an AWESOME job!!

Jared never ceases to surprise us. As we were gettign ready for the game to start, all of the sudden Jared comes running past the stands carrying the 'S' flag in the T-I-G-E-R-S spirit flags. He volunteered to help the cheerleaders with their activities, so he got to run with the flag after every touchdown (7 times!) and he threw mini-footballs into the stands (yes, one did come right to us!). We all had alot of fun! Stony Point wins over Westwood Warriors, 41-14. Watch the end of the video to catch him running by.

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